Top 100 Most Read Posts by Adrian Warnock in 2015

Top 100 Most Read Posts by Adrian Warnock in 2015 December 30, 2015

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In my last post I shared some of the highlights of 2015. Today, as is my tradition I want to share with you the posts that have been most read here on my blog over the past twelve months. As is typically the case, this is a mixture of old and new, with some posts from back in 2003 still making it into this list!

The power of a blog lies not just in its most recent posts, but in the collection of articles from the past: in this case over twelve years now.  This selection below is really just a tiny percentage of everything I have written, but it represents the content that has been read the most often.

I doubt any of you have read all 100 of these posts, so feel free to dip into some of these which other people have found helpful recently.  There is bound to be something here for everyone’s taste.  If you like one of these posts, why not show that you support recycling by sharing it on Social Media! Or, if your favorite post is not here and you think it should be, you could always share that instead.

Perhaps there is enough for me to not write anything at all for 2016!  Somehow I suspect that no matter how hard my new boss works me, I will be back for more.  You might think I would have simply run out of things to say by now, but those who know me well will not be surprised that there’s plenty more left where these 100 posts came from!

  1. Six Things Christians And Muslims Disagree About Over Jesus
  2. John Macarthur Accuses Half A Billion Christians Of Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit
  3. Gods Word To The Suicidal: Bible Verses To Help Prevent Suicide
  4. Will A Christian Who Commits Suicide Go To Heaven?
  5. Eleven Things Muslims Agree With Christians About Concerning Jesus
  6. A Fathers Day Sermon Idea
  7. Blessed Are Those Who Hunger And Thirst After Righteousness
  8. Why Christians Should Support International Day Against Homophobia Lesbphobia And Transphobia
  9. Gods Word To The Depressed: Bible Verses On Depression
  10. Sermon: Abounding In Thanksgiving
  11. Sermon: Reviving Prayer 
  12. God’s Word for those Who Cannot Sleep
  13. Sermon: Building For Glory Of God
  14. Gods Word For The Agitated And Manic: Bible Verses For Those With Bipolar Disorder
  15. Abound In Hope: Sermon On Romans
  16. We Grieve But Not In The Same Way As Those Who Have No Hope
  17. Resurrection Hope: Easter Sermon
  18. What Is A Christian?
  19. Paris Terror Attack: We Are At War, But Not Against Islam
  20. God Breaks Those He Wants To Make Great
  21. Sermon: Comfort Like Mother
  22. What Is The Fivefold Ministry How Do Apostles Prophets Evangelists Pastors And Teachers Function?
  23. God Wants You To Be Really Happy: A Sermon On Joy
  24. Examples Of Mental Anguish And Depression In The Bible
  25. A Wedding Sermon
  26. Gifts Of The Holy Spirit: Word Of Wisdom
  27. RT Kendall Responds To Macarthur’s Strange Fire
  28. How A Generation Of Evangelicals Failed To Colonise TV
  29. Gender Roles: A Complementarian And Egalitarian Spectrum
  30. ‘Do You Believe That God Had Sex With Mary?’ – Speaking With Muslims About Jesus
  31. Sermon: How To Define Revival And Be Revived Personally
  32. The Three Phases Of Faith
  33. Strange Fire: A Charismatic Response To John Macarthur
  34. Strange Fire: Every Biblical Argument Refuted – Apostles Today
  35. Did Paul Meet Jesus When He Was On Earth?
  36. A Good Friday Sermon
  37. Sermon: The Reviving Power Of Gods Word
  38. Should A Christian Go To Counseling With A Secular Therapist
  39. An Answer To The ‘Why Does God Allow Suffering?’ Question
  40. Strange Fire: John Macarthur Claims No Good Has Come Out Of The Charismatic Movement
  41. John Piper Responds To John Macarthur’s Strange Fire Confernece
  42. Reformed Minister Vaughn Roberts Speaks About Being Gay As A Christian
  43. Every Martyn Lloyd Jones Sermon Available For Free All Over The World
  44. Sermon: Alive Together With Christ
  45. How King David Reminds Us Of Christ Jesus
  46. Review: The Plausibility Problem – The Church And Same Sex Attraction
  47. A Sermon On Jesus Resurrection And Its Implications For Us 
  48. Tim Keller: On The Charismatics
  49. Modern Reformation: A Contrary But Friendly Appeal On The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
  50. Ebenezer: Thus Far Has The Lord Helped Us 
  51. Should Christians Circumcise Their Sons?
  52. Can A Christian Get Depressed?
  53. How To Tell If You Are An Evangelical Or A Progressive Christian
  54. Why I Am Still An Evangelical
  55. Sermon: Song Of Hope
  56. Gift Of Prophecy: Dangers To Avoid
  57. What Is A Reformed Charismatic?
  58. Sermon: Knowing God
  59. An Arminocalvinist Spectrum, Or Why Its Not So Simple As Arminians Vs Calvinists
  60. How To Get Gods Attention
  61. Sermon: Living To Know Jesus
  62. Strange Fire: Mark Driscoll Open Letter To John Macarthur
  63. Charles Spurgeon On Tithing
  64. What Is An Evangelical?
  65. The Four Pillars Of Mental Health And Wellbeing
  66. Ten Things That Please God In Worship
  67. Sermon: Work Rest And Play
  68. Principles To Live By As A Christian In An Increasingly Hostile World
  69. Simple Gospel Explained
  70. Twenty Differences Between The Psalms And Modern Worship Songs
  71. John Macarthur And John Piper On Their Very Different Experiences Of Depression
  72. Billy Graham Quote For Remembrance Day
  73. Shocking Parable Of Rich Man And Lazarus
  74. Sermon: The God Who Answers
  75. What Does The Greek Word For Eternal Mean?
  76. Winston Churchill’s Wicked Wit
  77. Gifts Of The Holy Spirit: Sermon
  78. Proverbs: Thoughts And Sermon On Anger
  79. Preach To Change Them In Their Seats
  80. What Does It Mean To Receive The Gift Of The Holy Spirit?
  81. What Is Relational Christianity?
  82. Loving God: Guide For Beginners
  83. God’s Word To The Self Assured: Bipolar Disorder Bible Verses
  84. John Piper: On Speaking In Tongues
  85. The Toronto Blessing
  86. Bible Passages That Speak To Gender Roles Or Complementarian Vs Egalitarian Spectrum
  87. The Simple Sermon That Saved Charles Spurgeon
  88. Disagreeing With Piper Over The Man In Romans Seven
  89. How Does A Christian Get Joy? By Seeking Christ Alone
  90. Rob Bell: Love Wins – Debate About Hell
  91. Steve Chalke And Others On Homosexuality And Gay Marriage
  92. Finney’s Experience Of Baptism In The Holy Spirit
  93. What Would C H Spurgeon Have Made Of The Charismatics?
  94. The Great Porn Experiment And How It Changes Brains
  95. A Fathers Day Sermon
  96. An Open Door That No Man Can Shut: A Sermon By Terry Virgo
  97. Sheila Walsh Speaks About The Day She Almost Committed Suicide
  98. Spurgeon On Predestination And Free Will
  99. Proverbs: What Is A Fool?
  100. Sermon: Living For The Good Of Others

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