Dream small – take little steps to help others

Dream small – take little steps to help others September 8, 2022

What really matters is not the big stuff, but the little things. As we heard yesterday a tiny acorn holds all the programming needed to produce a giant tree. In response to that post which explained the concept of Dream Small, someone shared this video of a song that talks about the simple moments that change lives.

Here are some quotes from the lyrics:

“These simple moments change the world
Dream small
Don’t buy the lie you’ve got to do it all
Just let Jesus use you where you are
One day at a time
Live well
Loving God and others as yourself
Find little ways where only you can help . . .”

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Josh Wilson

It is impossible to over estimate the impact you can make in someones life by a simple act of kindness.  Whether it is someone who you know well or a stranger you pass in the street every interaction has the potential to be a huge blessing and even change the direction of someone’s life.  People long to be shown compassion and kindness. Sometimes when we feel the burden of the whole world’s pain through watching too much news we withdraw and fail to show people in front of us the care they need.

In recent months the focus on doing something small and practical to help individuals has been demonstrated through the campaign to place fleeing Ukrainians in family homes. None of us can help millions of people displaced by the effects of war. But some of us can help one family heal.

Learn to be alert for opportunities for you to be kind in some small way as you go about your business. As simple an act as smiling at someone instead of scowling might improve their day. If they smile back you may find your own mood lifts too.

You are not as important as you think you are.  The things you find to busy yourself may not be the most crucial thing that God wants you to do today.  Perhaps tonight when you get home from work it might be as simple as asking someone you live with how their day has gone. Or perhaps picking up a phone to call a friend who you know may be having a hard time. Do not believe the lies that they would rather be left alone. Do not assume that someone else has reached out to them to simply listen and share their  burden.

Every act of kindness helps make the world a better place to live in. Each step we take to pay forward the good things others have done to us helps change the atmosphere around us.  Every time we choose to forgive instead of building a mountain of bitterness actually benefits us more than the person we choose to release.

One crucial step in finding the time for doing these small things is learning to say no to some  things that are not as crucial as the person asking you thinks they are.  It might mean putting a little bit less effort into your day job than you currently do, and ensuring you finish work on time, for example.  It might even mean disappointing some people, but if they are stopping you fulfil the small purposes that God has for you each day then so bei it.

There are specific points in my life that I can look back on where an act that probably seemed incredibly small to the person who showed me a small kindness made a huge impact. Lying in a hospital bed terrified and the nurse held my hand for a moment. A stranger who saw me crying in the street and hugged me and made sure I was safe to get home.  The list goes on and on.  And the memory of those actions makes me more determined to look for the little things I can do for people around me.

Dream small.  Look for ways to bless somebody else today.


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