The Busy Witch: An Imbolc Offering

The Busy Witch: An Imbolc Offering February 3, 2015

Although I write fiction and nonfiction, my first literary love, even as a very young child, was poetry. For that reason, I’ve always been drawn to Brigid, and as my Imbolc celebrations continue, I wanted to share a poem that I’ve written this year as an offering to the goddess of smith-craft and poetry. May the dark season be lifting for you, and may we step with joy into the light.


Keeper of the perpetual fire
that burns at the hearth center of my soul
Brigid, I honor you with every creative breath.

Lady of the lamb, great maiden mother,
you fill me with words
to weave in your honor.

There is never a day when you are far
for your fire burns within me–
a perpetual tribute to your gifts.

Welcome the sun, welcome the little ones
born on your visions –flesh and ink and bone.
May you guard and keep us all.

-Imbolc 2015


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