Tree City Witch: Virgo Season & Postcards To The Dead

Tree City Witch: Virgo Season & Postcards To The Dead August 23, 2017

There are dead people I’d like to see again, and you may wonder why I think Virgo Season can help me with this, but I am here to tell you that Virgo Season can help me, and you, with this.

The Sun is now in the sign of Virgo. Mercury is also in Virgo, but retrograde. During Mercury retrograde we are supposed to RE: review, redo, revisit, relive, renew.

I know what you’re thinking. Wait for Samhain. Wait for Halloween. Wait, for God’s sake, for October! Scorpio Season, THE Season of the Dead. The veils thin, the walls crumble, the distance between us and them dissolves.

"The Drowned Man's Ghost . . ." by Thorvald Niss.  From WikiMedia.
“The Drowned Man’s Ghost . . .” by Thorvald Niss. From WikiMedia.

I say no. I say Virgo is THE season — not for raising the dead, but for finding them. Find them where they gather and fidget. Find them where they make their plans for the immediate future and lists of things to do. Yes there are tables and chairs in “heaven” and I’m using that word “heaven” because the dead are in a PLACE and Summerland isn’t quite right either. For many things in this life there are no words.

And this: Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules communication and words. This is what to do for Virgo Season. Talk to your dead. Listen to them.


There is this tree outside my window. I don’t know what the hell it is. I don’t know trees. But it’s outside my window with little purple berries and they are so small. They remind me of Virgo.

What is Virgo? Virgo is also small. Virgo is a miniature painting. Virgo is one note of music, not the whole song. Virgo is associated with small animals, with grammar, with your daily routines and habits. Daily life. The little things. Tea.

Virgo isn’t big like Leo is big. Leo is fire and associated with pride and courage and drama. Big emotions! Grand gestures! Tiaras!

The sign right before Leo is Cancer, also big emotions because Cancer rules mothers and motherhood and food and memory and being vulnerable and who doesn’t have feelings about all that?

Cancer cries. Leo laughs. And Virgo? Virgo is the still small voice. Virgo is the librarian whispering in your ear. Virgo is practice and practical and longs for perfection, purity.

Virgo is the saint and Virgo works tirelessly until the job is done and then some. Long after everyone else has gone home, you can find Virgo toiling after hours or in the early morning and these are small jobs. Sewing buttons on a shoe. Dipping pen into ink and onto the parchment paper of a holy book. Virgo is the scribe.


So I recommend you go small with this. Write your dead a letter. Write your dead many letters in small handwriting. Write your dead letters from leaves and berries. One leaf. One berry. A postcard. A post-it. You can write them every day if you want. It wouldn’t be Virgo of you to engage in some dramatic ceremonial magickal gesture or ritual. Let your altar be neat and unfussy. Put the good silver in the cupboard. It needs polishing anyway. Instead, write. Instead, speak. Instead, invite them for tea and a cookie. You’ll be surprised how effective this is (and Virgo loves to be effective!).


This afternoon I was on the phone with a client with a mega Leo chart. I’ve never seen a chart with this much Leo before, including Sun and Moon and Mercury and Rising Sign. She asked me if I talked to dead people.

I paused because I have Virgo Rising, Vesta in Virgo, South Node in Virgo and Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo and I’m precise. Do I? Do I actually “talk” to dead people? Hmm.

No one had ever asked me that question point blank before and I wasn’t sure what to say. I mean, I talk to the dead ALL THE TIME. Both my parents died a long time ago. Of course I talk to them. And to my two beloved cats that I still miss. It’s such a normal thing for me, part of my Virgoan daily life, that it’s hard to separate so I paused and thought and tried to analyze as Virgos tend to do.

Talking to the dead is my favorite thing of all when it comes to doing readings although I’ve never pursued it on purpose. It would just happen. Everyone, almost everyone, has lost someone. And some more than most. It’s the most extraordinary feeling of warmth when the dead show up and information starts to flow: how they were, how they are.

I remember talking to someone two years ago who had lost her child to suicide and I saw him dancing around her so joyously. Karaoke of the spirit.

"The Ghost of Clytemnestra Awakening the Furies" by John Downman.  From WikiMedia.
“The Ghost of Clytemnestra Awakening the Furies” by John Downman. From WikiMedia.


The New Moon in Virgo isn’t until late September and the Full Moon in Pisces a couple weeks before that. I recommend you keep track of the Virgo Season lunations so you can schedule your magick.

New Moons and Full Moons are potent in different ways but both are excellent conduits. Imagine a curtain being parted. New Moon for beginning. Full Moon for ending. Are you afraid they won’t want to talk to you? They will. Are you afraid they’re in pain? They’re not. That warmth I feel? It’s bliss.

I remember when I was missing my kitty Cleo so badly in the first few months after her passing. I literally stood at that veil, curtain, wall, trying to punch my way through, break it down. Anything to feel her more. Reach through it and pull her towards me. Bring her back. I stood right there, right against it. Made my demands.

A wise woman gave me some good advice at the time, some very Virgo advice, to make myself smaller, less intense, less aggressive in my pursuit through the underworld and then I would feel Cleo more. Not that Cleo wasn’t around either way but my own desperation needed to give way to certainty. She was right there all along. Our loved ones never leave us.

Happy Virgo Season, my friends.


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