Tree City Witch: The Astrology of Joe Kennedy III (And Tarot Too!)

Tree City Witch: The Astrology of Joe Kennedy III (And Tarot Too!) January 31, 2018


I woke up this morning with a bang even though I hadn’t slept well. I blame the Full Moon for this. Crazy dreams.

What did I get up to do so early with a head full of sleep? I HAD to look at the natal chart of Joe Kennedy who gave a Democratic response last night after President Trump’s State of the Union address.



First I drew some Tarot cards thinking I would post my findings on YouTube (which I did from my iphone). This is what I saw:

Seven of Cups, Ten of Pentacles, King of Wands.

Now the Seven of Cups was a surprise to me because upon hearing him speak last night I thought:

this is a man who knows what he wants and is heading in a straight line towards it, no matter what the leadership role desired might be — but the Seven of Cups is confusion, sometimes inner chaos. Or dreams. What do you REALLY want, Represenative Kennedy?

There are many roads, many pathways, many options that can lead him to his ultimate destiny. Seven of Cups is clouds. It’s not all clear yet. Give him time though and he’ll pick a road, he’ll pick a path! That I guarantee.


Once I saw his natal chart however — he is a Gemini Rising and Libra Sun — I wasn’t surprised at all to see that Seven of Cups many roads, many options thing. Gemini Rising always has more than one of everything and LIbra is famous for their indecision.

Also his chart showed, and clearly, not only the drive for power (Sun and Pluto close together in the chart) and hard work (Sun and Saturn together) but that despite his famous family and money, this man is serious stuff. Sun Saturn Pluto makes a man serious. He’s not a lightweight, not lazy. We can’t stereotype him as some yacht rock heir.

The chart also showed he’s a family man, loves kids. There’s a bevy of planetary energy in his Fourth and Fifth houses which both have to with family, family matters, children.. When we see planets marking up the Fourth and Fifth like this we KNOW there are family ties, for better or worse.

Seeing the Ten of Pentacles was no surprise! Famous extended family, legacy, wealth, but that King of Wands though. Who was that? I didn’t feel it was Trump or any Republican frenemy, but ghosts. His famous forebears, but then I also sensed this King of Wands as a current mentor or guide giving him help to clear away his Seven of Cups confusion.


I had a feeling last night as I heard him speak. Would he try to someday claim the most powerful job in the land? At the tender age of 37, just 10 years after his Saturn Return, he’s still finding himself. Much will change once he’s over 40 and the kids are a little older.

Until he makes up his mind, I think he will keep working hard for Massachussetts and the nation. The man’s got Jupiter in Virgo (Virgo is a do-gooder) and a Mars Uranus conjunction in the 6th House (which is also associated with Virgo).

He is a public servant. Our public servant. Yes, he has a legacy to answer to. Yes, he has a strong introvert side despite being a Libra/Gemini social butterfly mix. I don’t think politics for him was a given, believe it or not. Based on his chart, I think if he hadn’t of been born into this famous family he could have been a house husband, a writer, a social worker.

I will tell you one thing for sure. This is a man who, if he continues to stay in politics, will be a voice for peace, particularly peace and diplomacy here at home. More than anything Libra wants everyone to get along even when that Libra has Saturn and Pluto also in Libra. Saturn and Pluto are both about authority and power. The thing about young Kennedy though is that he’s okay with sharing it.

Libra wouldn’t be Libra if it didn’t have partners in life, no matter the pursuit. Sounds contradictory I know, but it’s just the way we humans are built.

I’ll go out on a limb here. I asked my cards: will he? Will he throw his hat in the ring eventually?

Cards say we’ll know soon enough. Eight of Wands to me is more yes than no, but also up in the air. He’s definitely thinking about it and like a true Libra, weighing all sides before he reaches his final answer!

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