Tree City Witch: Your Lunar Eclipse Survival Guide

Tree City Witch: Your Lunar Eclipse Survival Guide January 30, 2018

Eclipses are big deals to us astrologers. We write about them. We whine about them. We scare our clients and readers unintentionally. And although eclipses are major events and worth the attention we give them, a cosmic crossroad is not the same as a cosmic crisis. Your particular mileage, as they say, will vary, and January 31st is the day to watch, the first of the 2018 eclipses.

Image courtesy of NASA, public domain.
Image courtesy of NASA, public domain.

The five reminders below will help you ride the eclipse wave in style.

1) This eclipse is a Full Moon and Full Moons often mean it’s time to say goodbye. Do you have a long delayed project that requires your attention? Or maybe a friendship has outlived its purpose. The moment doesn’t have to be sad, but ask yourself: what am I holding onto that I need to let go — sooner rather than later? Set an intention to say adieu.

2. This eclipse is in the sign of warm generous Leo and Leo is associated with self-expression and pride in who you are. Are you a secret painter? Maybe music is your thing. Find the artist within. Reconnect with your inner child! Leos love the arts and Leos love to play. Any Leo lunation is prime time to bring out the creative animal in you.

3. Full moons intensify our emotions and you may feel like a lunatic on the days leading up to the eclipse as feelings inflate like a balloon about to pop. I recommend you let those feelings flow. Bottling them up only increases your chances of an untimely explosion. You’ll thank me later that you didn’t cry full moon tears all over your boss or barista.

4. Eclipses come along to change our lives. We can’t remain the same. You may get married. Or divorced. You may get hired. Or fired. Course correction. Life path change. It sounds daunting, I know, but the universe is on your side. The universe has your number, and your back. Surrendering to this truth will only make it easier once the eclipse winds of change begin to howl.

Here now is the most important advice of all: since this eclipse is in Leo and Leo loves to look good, channel your favorite Leo celeb. Madonna is a Leo and so is Kylie Jenner. Barack Obama too!

No matter how you feel, no matter what you’ve got going on, focus on that gorgeous mane of yours, select a stylish frock, and even if your life IS falling apart, at least you’ll look ravishing, my darling!

But seriously, it’s time to ditch all the ways we hold ourselves back or get in our own way. Goodbye self-sabotage! Leo energy is vivacious, fiery, alive! It doesn’t hide its light and neither should you. Your time has come.

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