Tree City Witch: Virgo Moons Rejoice Your Full Moon Is Coming!

Tree City Witch: Virgo Moons Rejoice Your Full Moon Is Coming! February 26, 2018

It’s not a mystery to me that messenger Mercury is the “ruler” of Virgo as well as Gemini. Some say Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac (although have you ever met a Libra?). Perfectionism isn’t all they are though. Virgo is not just about clean clean clean scrub scrub scrub.

Mercury-ruled Virgo, above all, is a thinker, analyst, editor, critic. Even my Florida southern-boy landlord who knows nothing about astrology or my Virgo Moon said to me once or twice: you’re kinda analytical.

“Virgo” via WikiMedia from the Library of Congress.

Yeah. But isn’t that a good thing? It’s a good thing. Fear not, Virgo Moons!

The reason I’m here telling you these Virgo tales is because our next Full Moon is a Virgo Moon in this post-Eclipse landscape that we’re living in. March 1st. This clean-up crew, perfectionist moon wants you to take a look at your work, your health, your habits and routines, your daily life, how busy you are, how sick you are, your physical body. You are here for a reason and the Virgo House in your chart (where your Virgo planets are, if you have them, as well as your 6th House) holds one of the keys to this reason.

Yes you may have big huge gigantic mind blowing goals, but you still get up each day and tend to the little things. You brush your teeth, you make your coffee, you make a list, you plan the day, you organize the minutes to reach maximum work and maximum rest. Oh? You don’t do this at all? You may be low in Virgo then. This blog post is for you then.

We Virgo people (I have my South Node, Vesta, Ascendent and Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo) like a good to-do list and sometimes freak out when life throws us a curve ball BUT we get things done, human bullet journals that we are.

Here is your Full Moon in Virgo advice, for Witches and non Witches alike:

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Now is a good time to return to your magick if you have been away. I have been away. Return to your spiritual practices. I moved to Florida and never found the perfect place for my physical altar (out of reach of my cat) and thus my altar has remained within where it always is whether or not I have a piece of furniture to rest a plate and candles and the spell du jour.

After Pisces Season (where we are now) comes Aries Season which is springtime, a fresh start, the equinox, Ostara. Aries Season is full speed ahead energy, dynamic and passionate and impatient. You can calmly craft your plans now under the imaginative Pisces Sun and Virgo Full Moon so that you’re ready on March 20th to begin.


Many Virgos love to make lists so I’m recommending this for all the other things in your life as well, not just your spiritual life, and your life really can be broken down into a few categories. Problems sometimes aren’t easy to solve but they are often easy to list.

But Aliza, you say, I make a list and nothing happens. Well, okay, true. You can’t just make a list. It’s part of the process (another Virgo word). You have to return to your list. You have to identify the immediate needs and the long term goals and create order for your list. You have to list and then DO which is why it’s called a TO DO list.

On a Virgo Full Moon you can identify the ways you hold yourself back. Define them. Explore them. Although I’m a lover and doer of spells, I believe deep change, real change, on a personal level, won’t happen by spell alone. A spell will be effective right away, if you are skilled, but you can’t spell away your shadow, so to speak. You have to go deeper. You have to get to the root.


Yes I’m going full on Virgo stereotype with this one. Expunge is the advice here. Declutter. Sweep. Even if you own nothing (I own very little and I like it that way), there is always a dust bunny in the room that you no longer need. You needed it once but not anymore.

What are dust bunnies anyway but the accumulation of energy in the corners of our dwellings and crevices of our souls. Remove them! If you feel sentimental, you can design a proper goodbye. Let there be fanfare and sad songs. I understand this. We get stuck for very real reasons. We let the schmutz of our lives build up, we cling to the past, to people who weren’t good for us, to the cookies of Internet websites we no longer visit (yes you can expunge your cache too). It’s not always easy to say goodbye, let go, move on, pick up a broom and sweep away the dirt demons, physical and invisible. And yet expunge we must. Spring is coming.

“Mercury and Argos” by Abraham Hondius. From WikiMedia.


Astrologer Isabel Hickey wrote that the astrological symbol for Virgo “indicates the gathering of material needs.” Woman holding wheat. I like this. A Virgo Full Moon isn’t just a list making dumping ground for everything that’s wrong with your life and everything you need to fix. I too am weary oh so weary of our self-help fix-it culture. Virgo Season is also a time for gathering.

What do you need? What have you forgotten? If Full Moons are for letting go then space is created. What to put there?

This, my friends, is your Virgo Full Moon homework. Gathering, sweeping, listing, reigniting spiritual connectivity.

As I type here I’m sitting in the kitchen at a table I love, facing the backyard. The sun is rising more and more and soon I won’t be able to sit here, at least not until the sun is higher in the sky. I hear only the birds and some light construction noise in the distance. My tabby cat is either napping on the porch or waiting to come in. I’ll check on him in a minute. I’m telling you all this because it’s so very Virgo: the little things, little moments of life that we tend to miss because they are all around us all the time. Under any Virgo Moon, you can touch the things of this world, see the things of this world, understand that nature isn’t always brutal but has its moments of fine glory too.

Happy Virgo Full Moon!

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