Simple Witchery: Health, Wealth and Wisdom in the New Year

Simple Witchery: Health, Wealth and Wisdom in the New Year December 21, 2020

There are as many ways to make a spell jar as there are witches to make them. It can be a tiny vial you carry with you or wear around your neck, or a gallon-size vessel in a place of prominence in your home. All of the magic in a spell jar comes from you, so anything goes.

Winter is a good time to work spells for health and abundance in the new year. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

If you’ve never pulled together a spell-in-a-jar, don’t worry. Nothing could be easier. And now is the perfect time to put your magick to work creating a spell to manifest health, wealth, and wisdom in the new year.

Tip: Take advantage of post-Christmas sales to snap up the clear glass (or plastic) ornaments to use for spell jars throughout the year.

In my Northwoods realm, the winters are long and often brutal. It takes powerful magic to stay well for the duration, but I find that the best medicine is getting outside to meet nature’s power with my own, a sort of mutual respect thing. Gathering some of the ingredients for my health, wealth, and wisdom spell jar is just the reason I need to brave the cold.

My mother’s take on invoking the energy of winter to manifest wellness was the Saturday morning freeze out. She deep cleaned our house from top to bottom every single Saturday. The doors and windows were thrown open and remained that way for at least two hours, regardless of the season or temperature outside. She said it killed the germs and kept colds and flu away.

If we complained about the cold, she deemed we weren’t working hard enough and gave us more chores to do. It didn’t take us long to get wise to that, so the only sounds coming out of our mouths were those of chattering teeth. By end of day, when my father doled out our allowances, my mother had a clean house full of children that were healthy, wealthy, and at least in our estimation, wise.

Consider that spell casting is about intent and focus, and you’ll see that witch or no, my mother’s weekly ritual was her form of magic—the last thing she wanted was a house full of sick kids. She reasoned the more hearty we were and the more cold and flu bugs she could freeze out, the better chance of fighting off winter illness.

It was counter-intuitive to fling open the doors and windows to the frost beasties outside. The prevailing belief at the time was that catching a chill led to catching a cold. Science has since proven what my mother believed—the cold and fresh air killed the germs.

Always remember that magic cannot do for you, what it cannot do through you. Spell casting requires an investment of your own energy; like my mother, you have to be willing to do the work it takes. For example, you cannot cast for wealth and then just wait for it to fall in your lap. I suppose it could happen that way, but if it does, you are one lucky witch. Instead, add to your magick by brainstorming ways to earn a little extra money, think about improving your job skills to attract a better paying position, or offer your skills or service for hire.

Imbue your spell jar with as much of your personal energy as you can pack in there, let it serve as a reinforcement of your will, and a reminder to do your part.

Rose hips, oak bark, pinecones and needles can be foraged in winter. Image by author.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Spell-In-A-Jar

Below is a list of common plants and herbs. If you don’t have, or cannot easily obtain those listed, let your fingers do a little googling to find good substitutes.

Layer the ingredients into a jar, adding your intention to each (see below for example). Seal the jar, add magical touches like charms or sigils. Keep the jar in plain sight so that you’ll be reminded to call forth its energy every day.

Rosehips: Associated with Jupiter and ether or spirit (the fifth element), the tiny fruits of shrub roses are said to attract health and wealth. The elemental association makes this a good choice for directing the magic to your aura.

Pinecones: Pine is associated with Mars and the element air. Magical properties include strength, rejuvenation, immortality and prosperity. The element of air is associated with thought—in this case, wisdom. (Break the individual seed wings, or woody “scales”, for ease of layering in the jar).

Tip:  Wear garden gloves and use pliers to remove the wings/scales. They have points and sharp edges that can cause cuts.

Cinnamon: Also known as sweet wood, cinnamon is associated with the Sun (as well as a few planets) and the element of fire. The versatility and many applications of cinnamon make it an all-star for spellworking. Include it here for its solar association (boosts immunity through production of vitamin D) and fire (purification) and to ignite your passion for the success of this spell (you can use pieces of cinnamon sticks or the ground spice).

Lemon and Orange Peel: Lemon is associated with the moon and the element of water, lemon has both magical and mundane associations with purification and cleansing. Linked with the moon and water lemon connects with the realm of emotions, and so its use here will help cleanse your emotional energy and boost your mood, as well as lend physical health. Orange is associated with the sun, abundance and healing. Both pack a punch of vitamin C, something we associate with good health year-round.

Oak: Oak is associated with the earth, grounding and strength. Gather acorns and fallen leaves, cut some twig end or gently scrape some bark from the trunk. Be gentle, do not harm the tree and leave an offering of gratitude. Oak has powerful magic in many aspects, making it one of the “all purpose” magical ingredients—from root to leaf to acorn seed. Magical lore says that to catch a falling oak leaf wards colds all winter long. Carrying an acorn offers protection from illness. Carrying oak boosts energy and it has been associated with immortality. Use it in this spell to conjure vigorous health and wellness—but also to add strong support to your spell.

Pine Needles: Nothing smells fresher to me than the scent of pine. My mother’s cleaning bucket always had a good dose of Pine-Sol in it and to this day, I associate the strong scent of pine with a clean, sanitized house. It’s no wonder pine is associated with purification and health. Pine increases physical and magickal energy and attracts wealth. Evergreens are associated with immortality.

And any crystals, talisman or other items that represent the energy you wish to attract. I still pick up every lucky coin I see on the ground when I’m out and about to use in spells to draw money. If you’ll be house or apartment hunting this year, you could include a small game piece to represent finding your dream home. If nothing else, you can write your desires on small pieces of paper to include in your jar.

Invoke the energies of each ingredient as you layer them in the spell jar. Image by author.

Clean your jar or other vessel and its cover in the normal manner then purify with a rinse of salt water. Think about the purpose of the jar while you do this—it will hold the energy of your spell, where the magical properties of your ingredients will come together and build power.

Dry the jar and cover. Add your ingredients one at a time. The order doesn’t matter—unless it matters to you. With each ingredient, speak your intention aloud.

If you are using ingredients that still hold moisture you can do one of two things:

Dry them on a cookie sheet in a low oven. Line a cookie sheet with baking parchment or wax paper. Place items on paper with ample space between. Heat oven to 200 or 250 Fahrenheit. When it reaches temperature, turn off and place sheet in oven. Leave until cool. Repeat if necessary until items are thoroughly dry.

Or, place the moist items in your jar with the rest of your ingredients, but do not seal the jar. When I do this, I put a coffee filter over the top and tie it with string. Keep in a warm dry place.

If you seal your jar and there is any moisture still in the ingredients, your spell will grow mold.

Feel free to use the following spell as you craft your health, wealth and wisdom jar. Add to it or change as you wish. As you become more experienced with spell crafting (or if you are), remember that the more personal your spell, the more of it that comes from your own research and own words, the more successful it will be. If you work with any deity/goddess/god, be sure to invoke them in the spell.

By Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether
I work this spell for the duration of winter.
Health, wealth and wisdom be mine
The magic of these plants to myself I bind.

Oak for vitality and strength wrought
Lemon and Pine (add each layer separately as you say the name)
for wisdom and clear thought.
The fruit of the rose, for glowing health
Cinnamon for good luck and increasing wealth.
Pine for vigor and immortality.

By power of these magical plants
So it is said, So shall it be.

Keep your spell jar on your altar or a place of prominence in your home. Shake it occasionally to activate the magick. You can continue to add ingredients through out the year. I like to add a few rose petals and mugwort from my garden, and a few of the maple seed pods that rain down in abundance from my trees.

May your year ahead be filled with health, wealth, wisdom and all manner of blessings.


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About Willow Rose
Willow Rose is a wildcraft witch foraging the forests and fields in the northern Wisconsin, where she resides with her husband and resident feline. She is a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator, Wellness Coach, and creator of the Self CARE™ program of personal development. You can read more about the author here.
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