The Corner Crone: Ready or Not, Here Comes the Equinox!

The Corner Crone: Ready or Not, Here Comes the Equinox! March 5, 2021

Many of us are experiencing the quickening that comes with the northern hemisphere’s Spring Equinox in surprisingly personal ways this year, or so it seems to me, particularly as this year Ostara seems to be more or less coinciding with a wider distribution of various Covid-19 vaccines and the loosening of the social restrictions that we have all come to view as the new (horrible) normal.

Get ready, Northern Hemisphere! The Spring Equinox is coming! Image by Witchgarden via Pixabay.

It feels like the pace of things is picking up, and as if I need to hustle myself along with the flow—ready or not—launched back into the world out of this past year of quarantine. Because of my privilege I’ve been able to really drill down into the whole shelter-in-place gig and really, as a gal with her moon in Scorpio and Cancer in her First House, quarantine for the most part hasn’t been too much of a personal ordeal.

But this part, this time-to-reengage-more-fully part, well, this has me feeling a little anxious, and I wonder how many of us might be feeling the same way. A little rushed, a little less in control of our daily rhythms and choices. I mean, it’s thrilling, but—for me, anyway—more in the sense of a scene from The Simpsons: after a Homer-induced disaster on the space shuttle, an ant farm is shattered, releasing the colony. “Freedom!” cries one of the ants as they free-float to an unknown end, “Horrible, horrible freedom!”

Some of you are aware that in addition to my blog here on The Agora I also write meditations that appear or are heard on other platforms. Very recently, I decided to rework some of them for the YouTube page I didn’t even realize I’ve apparently had for who knows how many years. While the text of this first video was originally written a couple of years ago, I think it’s retained its relevancy—particularly so as we near the Spring Equinox this year. In it I explore themes of loss, transition, and new beginnings as Ostara approaches. (You may need to toggle the play button back to the beginning of the video; I’m still figuring out this new-to-me technology.)

May you be well, and may we all figure out how to return to each other without too much scraping and bumping of the new edges each of us may have developed over the past year.


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