Smudging Away Negative Energy

Smudging Away Negative Energy March 3, 2015

Smudging with sage (I prefer white sage) is a simple and powerful way in which to remove negative energy from the area. Place a few leaves in a fire proof container or a albacore shell, and light the leaves or light the bundle. The flame should go out in a short time and the sage will begin to smolder. Fan the smoke with your hand or feather. Say a blessing of protection, or prayer, as you walk around. Fan the smoke around you imagining it passing through you. It flows through you drawing out all of the imperfections that have collected within yourself. I recommend going to the farthest part of your house and work yourself towards the front, opening a window where you can draw all of the negative energy out. Don’t forget to smudge closets, basements, nooks and crevices, etc.

Smudging yourself on a daily basis can also be very helpful in keeping yourself balanced and can help if you are around emotionally unbalanced people. Frankincense, Lavender, Sandalwood, Myrrh and Palo Santo also work to remove negativity.

I always caution those with small animals or those in the house that might have breathing problems or asthma as many of these herbs have very pungent smells and if there is a lot of smoke it could effect those more sensitive.

Smudging also helps those who might be having bad nightmares or just feeling blah.

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