Your Loved Ones on the Other Side Are Around You

Your Loved Ones on the Other Side Are Around You August 24, 2015

hummingbird_wonderfulafterlifeIt’s so hard when we lose a loved one. Death was in my life since I was three years of age, but it wasn’t until my grandpa passed when I was eight years old that the death felt final. Until he saved my life from heaven and the other side and it didn’t feel quite so far away. When my mom passed away, almost 10 years ago now, I felt like that I was three year old all over again – I felt abandoned and like heaven didn’t exist, that dead was dead. Odd and a bit hypocritical since my life purpose is to bridge this side to the other by being the telephone operator from heaven to earth. Then a series of communication from my mom helped me with the grief. It didn’t remove it, I don’t know if you ever get over a loss even with the knowledge that they are not dead, and living better than we are, but it helped me walk through it with wider strides. 

Just as we communicate differently with those on this earthly plane, the same is for those on the Other Side. We also have to take in account that we don’t change our personality when we cross over. So if your dad was a loud mouth on this side, he will be the same on the other. And if your mom was quiet and timid, it may take a bit more to catch her communication. Communication with our loved ones comes in different forms, but typically it is through telepathy, clairaudient and clairvoyance. Have you ever woken up to your name being called, or saw a shadow out of the corner of your eye, or just felt like you should take a different route instead of your normal one? More than likely that was a loved one trying to help out or giving you a heaven hello.

Are you noticing your heaven hellos?

  1. You have a gut feeling.
  2. You have a shiver that goes down your spine.
  3. Someone tells you information that you need at the very same time and they know nothing that is going on in your life.
  4. You see repeated numbers, symbols or find coins.
  5. You are visited in nature by an animal or insect that is no mistaking that it is a message.
  6. You see a shadow out of the corner of your eye.
  7. You hear your name being called while sleeping or falling asleep.
  8. You have electronic disturbances such as a light bulb that keeps burning out or a cell phone that can’t keep a charge.

We often receive these heaven winks when we most need them, but are so often stressed out that we miss them. So next time you are missing someone special or feeling frustrated and stressed, take a minute to look around and notice what may seem like mere coincidences because more than likely you are getting love from the Other Side.


Kristy Robinett

wonderfulafterlifeKristy Robinett is an intuitive, life coach and author of several books. She is a mom and wife who loves farmhouses, front porches, iced tea and old cemeteries. Her newest book “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” was released on August 8th. Find Kristy at


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