Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon December 13, 2016
Kaamos ja kuu, Kuusamo, joulukuu 2001 Darkness and moon, Kuusamo, Finland, December 2001
Kaamos ja kuu, Kuusamo, joulukuu 2001
Darkness and moon, Kuusamo, Finland, December 2001

Feeling sad? Ornery? Like your mind won’t shut off? You very well felt the dualistic energy already. For the next couple days. Gemini, the twins, doesn’t disappoint as it’s always an adventure with this energy {note oozing sarcasm}. One minute you (or another) will be just fine and just like that anger or sadness erupts. The bi-polar personality of this moon makes it hard to figure people out (even those closest to you), and sometimes even yourself during this time. You will more than likely encounter a lot of grumpy people and a lot erratic drivers. The positive with this moon (there is always a positive and negative), is that this is a great time to embrace your spirituality, take a fun class, express your love, and treat life with as much simplicity as you can. Gemini moons are not complex, they are just crave simple harmony. Turn your music on loud, start a creative project (or finish one) and be careful of over complicating things. If you do you will see the Jekyll & Hyde personality come out in you and those around you. The upcoming Full Moon will bring a lot of self discovery these next few days full circle, so be careful what you wish for.

With this supermoon filled with energy, it is a great time to write down the things that you want to stop beating yourself up over and rip it up or burn it. It’s to move on and clear the way for new beginnings.


Kristy Robinett

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