Embrace Your Inner Gangster and Radiate Love

Embrace Your Inner Gangster and Radiate Love April 6, 2017

radiateloveLast Friday heaven gained an amazing woman, but those who loved her felt the loss immediately.

I met Linda Lee years back, and I mean YEARS. At the time I was an office manager for a local car dealership and the radio station she worked at was holding a promotional event. It was Linda Lee who out shined the cars by far. With her contagious laughter and upbeat energy, she sparkled. Her personality just the same in person as on air – something unfortunately rare. September 2016 Linda was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. Those who followed her on social media saw how brave she was. If she faltered, Linda certainly didn’t show it. She seemed to have milestones that kept her focusing forward. Unfortunately she passed just a couple days before attending the Academy of Country Music awards in Vegas where she was to receive an award. If you watched it you saw Rob Stone, her co-host, and Jake Owen, accept on Linda’s behalf.

The day after her passing Kid Rock posted a tribute about Linda Lee on his website and I shared it on my social media. Within minutes a Facebook Friend commented with a derogatory statement about politics and disbelieving in Kid Rock’s authenticity of his friendship and grief. Immediately I teared up. Not just from the spewed toxicity, but because she was a fellow lightworker; a peer of the metaphysical community. And then another peer commented, bringing up politics as well and stating that it was because of Kid Rock that cancer even existed because of his vote. My blood began to boil in sadness, confusion, and I admit some anger too. Then I took some deep breathes. What did politics or the dislike for a musician have to do with the loss of a beautiful lady or the dislike for cancer taking so many? Nothing. It had nothing to do with it, and that in turn was my exact response. It was met with being unfriended and blocked by several healers within my community, and I took that as a positive thing. I did. I took that as a means to not partake in the negativity, something Linda Lee’s legacy will never be aligned with and something I never want to be aligned with either (or as much as I can help it).

The energy has certainly been draining for many lately. Feeling exhausted, tired, and moody? The energy is continuing to make many extra sassy and wear shades of rude. If you feel like you have a target on your back it’s time to take back the power, embrace your own inner gangster, and vibrate higher. Ask the angels to carry you if you feel like you’ve lost your will and can’t fly anymore and affirm “I call back all my power to me now. I am whole. I am complete. I can do anything.”

Spending your time and energy spouting hate and negativity lowers your vibration and is counter productive to your own spiritual flight. I came very close to aligning myself with it myself that night. Spending time looking into your past and visiting with the negative situations pulls you into a lower plane as well. If you feel yourself dipping, ask yourself if it’s where you really want to be.

So before you speak (or post) ask yourself if it heals or helps. Quite possibly you simply need to move on. With Mercury in retrograde on April 9th and an April 11th Full Moon, there may be many tests of will coming, but before you conjure the ghosts of the past ask yourself if it will help with your now and future journey or muck up all the work you’ve done. Let’s start spreading love and support to others and know that we deserve love an light ourselves. Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls our lives. You take back your power, and you can change your world.

I believe in you.

Kristy Robinett

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