Trust Your Gut

Trust Your Gut July 18, 2017

never discredit your gut instincts. you are not paranoid. your body can and will pick up bad vibrations. and you can feel as if someone or something is not right. always trust that feeling.It was a warm July day and I was sitting on the grass weeding some flower beds when I heard my phone jingle through a text. I typically keep my phone on silent, but my son was heading home from college to get some camping gear for an upcoming trip, so I flipped the switch to on. Have you ever tried to ignore the calls and texts when they sing on your phone? For me, at least, it’s hard not to look. Yep, I looked.

“I need to talk to you, Kristy. It’s important,” the text read.

It was from an acquaintance, Elizabeth (name has been changed). I didn’t know her very well and wasn’t happy that an almost stranger was texting me. I had met her just once or twice at other psychic events where we both were doing readings. My gut said to text back that I was busy, but I don’t like putting off calls or emails, so I hit dial on her number.

Just a side note.  I’m not a talk on the phone person. I’m a cut to the chase, not one for small talk, and would much rather have a meaningful one-on-one conversation any day. It’s the empath in me. I feel, see, hear, and sense and small talk usually is deeper than what is being said.

“Oh, thank goodness you got this,” Elizabeth said breathless. “This is dire information. I was meditating this morning and my guides gave me a message they said I had to give to you.”

Before I could stop her, she continued on.

“They want you to know that you need to divorce Chuck. He’s not your soulmate, there’s another love coming your way and you need to prepare. There’s going to be a huge fight soon, and this will actually be good. You might be hurt now, but you will be just fine after.” She rambled on for a second describing my true soul mate sounding proud of herself. Me, I felt violated, and upset. Not only did I not give her permission for reading me, but her information didn’t resonate, and wasn’t healing or helpful like a reading or ethereal message should be. It was incredibly unethical.

This is often called the gypsy tactic. I’ve had clients and friends tell me they’ve been approached in stores with doom and gloom information. Some have gone to a psychic shop with friends for what they thought would be a fun time, only to come out crying and being told that they were going to lose their husband or wife – unless you buy a candle or potion. And then there might have to be a few more sessions. Some of these so-called psychics have even convinced well educated and intelligent people to buy houses, cars, offer up their ATM cards, etc. for them to either prevent some fake downfall from happening, or to return what was already lost (spouse, job, money, etc.). Words are things, and doubt creeps in which can make people vulnerable. I call this FRAUD. This is why many towns, even today, have fortune telling laws.

I quickly ended the conversation and hung up.

In my psychic development classes the first thing I teach the importance of asking permission before giving any information. I think this is good advice in everyday situations as well. Brazenly sharing opinions can be dangerous. Although we are now a society who hides behind the computer screen, it’s easy to forget that there’s a human being on the other side reading and possibly being hurt.

Oh, people need to be stronger. Grow thicker skin. Stop being sissies.

I’ve seen that said a time or two. But how about the opposite? Some people need to think before they speak (type), find empathy or sympathy, and realize that everyone has battles in their life. Some are stronger than others. Some are consumed with self-doubt. And adding a pinch of that to what may seem a harmless conversation can be damaging.

I knew that Elizabeth’s channeled information was incorrect. I wasn’t sure what her intention for sharing it was, nor did I want to dig deeper. I shared the information with Chuck, who was upset and angry. And then we got into a huge fight and filed for divorce and I found a new soulmate. Joking. He was upset, though, because he also felt violated. People ask me all the time if I come up to strangers and start reading them. A massage therapist doesn’t come up to you at a grocery store and begin to undress you and give you a massage. Well, when you read energy you aren’t undressing the body, you are undressing the soul. The person being read is exposed to some degree and without permission it can infringe on personal boundaries.

Words can cause harm, but there will come a time where you are smack dab in the battle of words; it’s just going to happen and you can’t stop it. You can, however, find ways to shake it off, and help teach and support others (especially kids) on ways to diffuse the hurtful words.  Don’t let what doesn’t feel right become what is right. Always trust your own gut, it never lies.

I believe in you!

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