Snow Day

Snow Day December 12, 2017

SNOWI was raised that if you are sitting or lying down, you are being lazy (anyone else?). My dad was adamant that I go to work even on death’s door, and when I was 18 years old he revealed why that might not always be the best advice. Not feeling great, he went to work anyhow only to come home (on time, not a minute early) having a heart attack. It was just one of many he’d had, the doctors later told us. He, however, never felt that his decision was the wrong decision. He survived, right?

After my mom passed away, living with my father was my choice, but I have to say that some days it’s just not always easy (as I’m sure he could say about me too). After a day of work or an evening event, he expects me to come home and do his to-do list. The list he’s been thinking about during the entire time I’ve been working. “She only talks to people or sits and writes,” he told someone close to me, disputing why I would even be tired. I wasn’t working in a factory like he had. No matter how I try to explain the mental exhaustion, it’s met with a smirk. And when he wants something done, he wants it done that moment. Some days that’s impossible. Most days that’s impossible.

My dad means well. He even got up at 2:30 am to make me coffee when I was a guest on Coast to Coast. But he doesn’t understand the need to rest, unless it comes to his own naps. Let’s just say he’s very good at pointing and barking out his like Army orders. A couple weeks ago that stress caught up to me and I was diagnosed with shingles/chicken pox. I was forced to rest. Then I mostly recovered. I still get tired by doing simple things. And then today became a snow day with re-scheduled clients, and in a moment of stress, my husband looked at me and grounded me to the couch and a hefty dose of Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.

We are all entitled to take a break, but life, especially life during the holidays, makes the holiday hustle incorrigible. Are you getting tangled up in tinsel while trying to do the Holiday Hustle and losing your cheer along the way?

  1. Set Intentions for what your holiday looks like. And stick to it. By making a conscious decision as to what your holiday feels and looks like, and manifesting a positive experience (remember that you can set the opposite intention to) helps you gain perspective when others (like people who tell you to buy their grown kids a $300 Coach purse) have lost it.
  2. Refocus. Even with an intention there will be a moment, or several, where someone tries to pull you into their vision. Make sure to take breaks, check in with yourself and refocus. Sometimes you need an alignment along the way, especially if you are used to allowing yourself to be pulled in different directions.
  3. You Can’t Change the Unchanged. You cannot change your relatives, but you can change your mind-set by deciding to live in the moment and stop working yourself up over issues from the past and/or issues of the present.
  4. Simplify. Look at what is stressing you out and what you enjoy. If you don’t love making homemade cookies, but you love wrapping gifts, maybe your friend who loves to bake, but hates to wrap, will swap chores with you. Or go to the bakery. Or don’t have any. There are always choices.
  5. Untangle and Stop.It’s not your job to make everyone happy. You shouldn’t have to break your back and your bank account with unrealistic expectations.
  6. Make a List. And just like Santa, check it twice. Are you buying out of obligation or because you want to? Generosity isn’t about a maxed credit card. Maybe volunteer your time or simply send a card wishing someone well.
  7. Say NO.The ground won’t swallow you up if you do that. I promise!
  8. Have Fun. Play.The best gift is joy and it’s pleasantly contagious. The more that you stay connected to your happiness and your playful side, the more you connect with those doing the same, and the energy amplifies to continue the cycle.

Although my husband has grounded me to the couch, my dad will most likely have other plans for me – cookies to bake, walls to paint, dinner to make, dogs to go to the veterinarian, wash to wash, and so on. I’ve found the hustle can become an exhausting life dance and today I’ve shelved my dance card all together.

I’m wishing YOU the most magical holiday ever without hustle or tangled tinsel.

Kristy Robinett
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