Blue Moon Intuition

Blue Moon Intuition January 26, 2018

gaiaWe all have intuition, but sometimes we don’t hear the whispers. During this Full Moon phase ask your guides and angels what you need to know. Take a couple deep breaths, put your hand on your heart, and choose a card. 



Which card did you choose?

eternal danceIf you chose Card #1 – Eternal Dance: “Movement, Wheel of Life, Path of least resistance.”

“The Lady featured on this card feels completely at one with nature. She is in tune with the rhythm of the Earth and her changing cycles. She does not resist the forces of nature but moves gracefully with the wind. Yet, though her body sways with the wind, she is not swayed from her path, for her feet are firmly planted in the Earth; she remains poised, dignified and balanced. She has shown up in your reading today to help you loosen up and feel the rhythm of life. You will benefit greatly if you allow yourself to be a bit more flexible. Be open to new ideas; accept that it is natural for things to change. Do not resist life’s natural flow. If the path you are on seems to be all up hill then find another way, there are many ways to get to where you want to go, so find the way that offers the least resistance. Life does not need to be as difficult as you are making it. It is often easier to dance your way through rather than try to push you way through. Try it!”


I accept change and embrace the new possibilities it brings

I am flexible and open to new ideas

I create pleasure in my life

I look at life from a balanced perspective

I celebrate life and dance my way through it”

rememranceIf you chose Card #2 – Remembrance: Resurfacing of past feelings and emotions.”

“It is said that all that we have is the present. This that is true, it is also true that in essence, pat, present and future are all one. We are connected energetically to both past and future. Life is an evolving story and where we are now is a result of where we have been. This card signifies that past feelings and emotions are resurfacing from deep within you and you may find yourself on an emotional roller coaster over the coming days. Do not fight it, this is all fine. It is important to occasionally remember and honour your past, for it is part of your, part of your soul’s journey. Yet remember to honour every part of it. regardless of whether you perceive some parts to be good or bad, for in some way every experience has helped to expand your understanding and appreciation of life. Occasionally reflecting on the past is healthy, just as giving some thought to your future is wise. However, excessive preoccupation with either only serves to rob you of the present moment.


I bless my past and I am grateful for every experience,

for every experience has helped me expand my understanding of love.

My life is forever unfolding as it should; the past, the present and the future are one.

I honour and respect my feelings and emotional, for they are part of my story.”*

hiddenpathIf you chose Card #3 – Hidden Path: “The marriage between spirit and matter.”

“You have traveled far in search of greater meaning and fulfillment, having made much progress and learning valuable lessons. You want to continue your journey, but the road seems to have come to an end. Where do you go from here?

The symbolic imagery on this card is set within a magical forest: it seems inviting, yet the way forward is not clear. No physical path exists, however there is a way forward. Between the trees is a symbol for eternal life and to the right, a symbol of healing and protection.

This card is inviting you to move forward spiritually and offers you healing and protection along the way. Spirit and matter must now merge if true progress is to be made; your rational mind must align with your heart. When heart and mind are both focused on the same goal, great things are possible. This is true spiritual alchemy; all you work towards can now be achieved.”


My heart and mind
Are in perfect alignment
My heart’s desire and my thoughts are one
I am a spiritual being in a physical body
The journey ahead is filled with light
The light of my soul illuminates my path.”

sacred heartIf you chose Card #4 –  Sacred Heart: “Passion, Love, Spiritual Communion.”

“You are entering a period of profound and heartfelt love; a deeply emotional time where you focus on, question and think about the things that matter to you most. You will find yourself re-evaluating your priorities and core values and this leads you along a path of self-discovery, bringing with  it a deepened spiritual connection to the Earth, your surroundings, family, friends, and loved ones. Your passion and appreciation for life are heightened. At times your emotions overflow to the point of being almost unbearable. Yet this is nothing to fear or be concerned about, for this is a most sacred and precious time through which your loving intentions are both seen and felt by all around you. Your inner light and wisdom illuminates, heals and inspires. This is a good time for creative writing, or you may feel inclined to draw, paint or take up a creative pursuit of some kind. Thank the Earth and stars for the many blessings you receive.


I am in tune

With my inner light and wisdom

I am guided

Always by love

I energetically share my light

And my wisdom with others

I am one with the Earth and the stars

The guidance I receive

Is free from the limitations

Of time and space”*

This deck is from the Gaia Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine. 

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