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Join My Weirdness March 29, 2018
The word for today is WEIRD. This cyber world is a weird one. I’ve met my best friends through this thing we call social media. I’ve had people hate me for no reason too. I’ve bonded with those I’ve lost to the afterlife, and I’ve lost those who’ve not agreed with me. But mostly I’m grateful for all those who join in on my weirdness.

Last week I realized I hadn’t seen any posts from a person who became a friend, only to find out she had unfriended me. I’m typically a passive person but I sent her an email and she responded that she thought I unfollowed her because she hadn’t seen my posts. I hadn’t. This algorithm is also a weird one that Facebook implemented a couple months back. But then the conversation turned weird and I realized she wasn’t any longer part of my weird. She’d outgrown me. She thought she was better than me. I was her season. She was my lesson. Maybe we were one another’s blessing at one time, but no longer.

We all want a support system and so often we keep people on who are no longer. So often we keep people around so not to hurt the feelings of another. Or to avoid it altogether. With Mercury in Retrograde, though, this makes it a wonderful time to shed. You are allowed to grieve through the changes, but know that the shift is often needed. Sometimes it happens for us. Sometimes we have to help forward movement. So stay in your weirdness and other true weirdos to you will find you.

I believe in you.

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