Time to Repot

Time to Repot April 5, 2018

If you’ve ever gardened, you know that after a while plants grow out of their pot (or space). They have to be re-potted, pruned, separated and/or replanted in order to survive. Often, though, the plant has grown comfortable, making itself at home in the space it is. It might require some gentle pulling to help it out, and even though it feels like the plant is being harmed – it’s not. In reality, it’s actually being harmed staying in the current place, without any room to flourish or grow. It may take a day or two for it to re-root, but then it begins to grow and blossom into its own and all is fine until it needs to be repotted or replanted again.  And it isn’t as if that plant didn’t like its old pot, it did, it loved the pot, but alas in order to grow, change must happen.

Last week I was contacted by a corporate company, wanting to interview me for management position that would utilize my intuitive side. An eight to five paycheck, stable work (does that even exist?), health benefits, sick days, vacation days, and a retirement fund. It’s funny because in the state of Mercury Retrograde the past often rewinds and shows up. That is exactly what happened. The offered position was much like one I left ten-ish years ago. I had a really tough time leaving my corporate job. Although I didn’t care for the work, I loved the people around me and because of that fear I probably waited a couple years too long.  Once I quit, though, I flourished into my own so-called pot.

The day I received the phone call I was feeling pulled in a million different directions. Unorganized in my mind and spirit.  The last ten-ish years I am much more cognitive that it’s time to be repotted.  Maybe that’s what wisdom truly is. For a quick second I felt compelled to accept the invitation of an interview, and then a quote by Roseanne Cash came to mind. “The key to change is to let go of fear.” As we each let go of fear and embrace growth, we allow change and prosperity to flourish.

So as I get adjusted to my own repotting phase, I know it won’t lead me to a corporate job right now, but I do know there are discoveries and pots to plant myself in. What is it that you fear?  Are you holding on to something because you are afraid of change and the unknown?  Know that your Angels and Guides stand with you – you are NEVER alone!

I believe in you.

Kristy Robinett

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