A Little Help From Our Guides

A Little Help From Our Guides May 31, 2018

So many of us have loved ones that have crossed to the Other Side, and who we love and miss. One of my new favorite Oracle Decks is called Talking to Heaven (by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh). So this one is a bit different – ask one person on the Other Side (or if you don’t have anyone – ask an angel or guide) to send through a message that you need to know. “What do I need to know?” Then by using your intuition/gut instinct simply choose one of the 6 cards. Which card feels like yours?



Your cards are…
If you chose #1 – you chose I send you loving signs through nature. Whenever you are feeling sad, lonely or even confused – or might be wanting a sign that your loved one is around, take a walk in nature, put your smart phone away, and notice the signs all around you. It might be a dragonfly that lands on you, a butterfly that follows you, or maybe even a deer that runs out in front of you and looks your way. Look at nature.

If you chose #2 – you chose I will always point you in the right direction. That gut instinct or that whisper that you hear in your head to do this or that – it might just be coming from your loved ones on the Other Side. Listen… If you follow through on what you are being told, you can’t go wrong.

If you chose #3 – you chose I am sorry – please forgive me. Your loved one might feel bad for leaving you for the Other Side. They might not have said all that they wanted to say, or do all that they wanted (or should’ve done). You might want to learn at how to forgive and then begin a relationship with them…yes, even from the Other Side.

If you chose #4 – you chose – Believe in yourself – you can do it. You have many cheerleaders on the Other Side, but have lost faith within yourself. Changes are all around you – it is time to take the steps toward the change and know that everything will be more than okay.

If you chose #5 – you chose – Remember me by the happy memories that we made. You might be feeling down or sad, but your loved one wants to see the smiles and the laughs from the past. Positive energy helps elevate them and you.

If you chose #6 – you chose – You have nothing to feel guilty about. You might be feeling guilty about your relationship with them, or maybe even something else. Let it go.


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