Doorway to Intuition

Doorway to Intuition July 1, 2018

We all have intuition, but the buzz of the outside world can muffle it. Below are three doorways – which one do you feel urged to open? Each doorway reveals a message from your guides/angels to help you through this new month.

Which doorway do you feel urged to open?



If you chose door #1 – OPEN YOURSELF UP TO YOUR DREAMS – You are protecting your heart right now. Your guides and angels know that your past hasn’t been the easiest and that you are more than afraid of revealing yourself to others, setting yourself up for being vulnerable once again. Are you truly getting the most of your life by allowing fear to stop you from achieving your dreams? Yes, you are allowed to be practical and realistic, but it might be time to allow some of those padlocks you’ve wrapped around your heart and soul so tightly to be released so that you allow some new opportunities to shine through. You deserve it, after all.

If you chose door #2 – OPEN YOURSELF UP TO YOUR PASSION –  You are always there for everyone else, and you might be feeling drained. Self care is a difficult practice and for you it makes you feel guilty. The saying that you can’t give from an empty cup is so connected to your right now. It’s time complete a vision board and look at the things that excite you again. Remember the things that used to excite you? Remember how you wanted to feel? It might be an exercise program, travel, riding a bike, learning to play an instrument, writing a book, or whatever else that lights your personal embers. Those who love you will understand. Those who use you will go away, and although that can be hurtful, it simply makes room for more people who want the best for you.  You can choose right now to feel good about yourself. If you have been beating yourself up, stop it now. Don’t let anyone else decide how you should feel about yourself. It is time to take your life back.

If you chose door #3 – OPEN YOURSELF UP TO YOUR SOUL – You are an old soul – creative and lovely. Everyone comes to you for advice and your intuition. Your soul is tired, though, and confused. What is your soul’s mission?  The paths you follow flow into each other and an end of one path is the beginning of another as you journey deeper into the heart of the realm. Everything shifts and changes, moving on and metamorphosing into something new. Think about what it is that you really wish to change in your life. Visualize what would happen if you just walked out of the room for a moment and upon returning found that your understanding of a present situation had changed in a profound way. What would it take to make that change happen? What could you do, how would you need to feel, to shift your perspective? Sometimes, by taking a moment to return to where you are now, you will be able to see the moment with greater clarity and insight and the next step on your ongoing journey will become clearer as well. Fill your heart and mind with light and feel your energy shift to a better place.

I believe in you,
Kristy Robinett

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