Crystal Clear InSight

Crystal Clear InSight July 8, 2019

We all have intuition that whispers to us. Which crystal are you most drawn to?

Choose just one.

If you chose:

#1 – Amethyst – Amethyst comes to you today to remind you to practice and hone your psychic abilities. Find a space where you feel safe and protected to work on these skills. Amethyst is symbolic of protection, Divine communication, the ethereal, the third eye, the crown chakra, and purification.

This card is also showing up today to help you identify damaging beliefs, behaviors, and habits that block your development. Identify and release these behaviors so that you can move forward. Check in to feel if your emotions or attitudes are impeding your progress.

#2 – Clear Quartz – When this stone appears as your Ally, you are being asked to clarify yourself so that the Universe can provide you with the answers to your prayers. Perhaps you have been vacillating between two options. The time has come to choose, and to make your choice known. Call upon the energy of Clear Quartz to aid you in becoming clear about the choices that lie before you. It is though clarity of thought and intent that your creations will be made manifest.

Clear Quartz has made it’s spirit known to you in your layout, and you are being notified that the answers to your questions are imminent. Clear Quartz signals a time of deeper understanding of your path. Open yourself to the Divine Light, and allow your future to unfold.

#3 – Rose Quartz – When Rose Quartz appears to you, you are being gently reminded that only Love can heal your life and your creations. Perhaps you need to focus upon your own love of self in order to gather the inner strength you need to take the next step forward. Perhaps you are harboring old resentment or anger that is keeping you stuck in your current position. Or maybe you are simply being given a reminder that you are always loved by the Divine. There is nothing that you could ever do, or choose, or become, that would keep the Divine Creator from loving you with all the power of the Universe.

Rose Quartz may also be telling you that love of a more physical nature is involved in the current situation. Perhaps Cupid is sitting on your shoulder with a quiver full of arrows, pointing you in the direction of a more earthly love.

Open your heart and listen to its soft direction. Allow yourself to move with the flow of the healing waters of emotion. The trusting heart will be carried to its perfect destination!

#4 – Citrine – If Citrine has come to you today, a gift is on the way, something that you have desired for  a long time is about to become a reality. The main thing to remember at this time is that new things can only occur where space has been made for them to exist, this means letting go of all attachments and standing in a self loving and confident way to receive. The shining light of Citrine also signals a Clearing of negativity fro your system and a burst of new found vitality that should be directed onto the guided pathways of self growth and development. If this stone had its way, we would all love each other, heal each other, and respect each other, it asks a lot of us mortals, but it can give the endless gift of Unconditional Light and Love, get ready to receive your dreams, but always be prepared to see just how small they are in the bigger picture.

#5 – Smoky Quartz – You have a powerful survival instinct and ability to go where others dare not to. Transmute the past, realize that darkness is not evil. Facing your deepest fears turns these into golden gifts. You know that death is only a transformation into another state of being. Take responsibility for your life. Do not let others take control.

Be patient. Much stirs beneath a calm surface. Total transformation is close. It may entail a trip into the underworld. Your shadow becomes your brightest gift. Toxic emotions turn to a positive regard. Ground your efforts in the everyday, but retain contact with higher realms. Success comes through dedication and trust in your abilities. Mentors are available. Release yourself from old enchantments.

#6 – Carnelian – Stand tall, be self confident and positive. Let your light shine brightly because there is an energy of great success around you today. This success may come in the form of important gatherings, business meetings or even personal accomplishments.

As you shine brightly, notice how people are naturally attracted and drawn to you. Like attracts like, so if you want to attract a positive, self confident person into your life, you need to be like that yourself. If you feel like you need more self confidence or you want to regain your sens of self worth, do something positive that you enjoy doing. When you do something which makes you happy, your spirit shines brightly which makes you even more magnetic. If you can’t think of anything that you would like to do today, it may be a sing that ti is really time to try to reawaken your inner creativity, dare to dream, think outside of the box, start to experience life again – see, feel, taste and smell! Perhaps go somewhere you have never been before or do something out of the ordinary to stimulate your senses and expand your vision.

Carnelian gives you energy and self confidence and adds spice and passion to your life. It also encourages you to think clearly about what you want to accomplish in your life and to focus on what you would like to achieve. Think about what you would like to achieve. Think about what you need to do to make that happen and then take the first step towards one of your goals.


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Kristy Robinett

Kristy Robinett (Michigan) is a revolutionary psychic medium, international author, and inspirational speaker. In addition to giving readings and teaching workshops, she uses her psychic skills to assist with police investigations. Kristy lectures across the country and is a frequent media commentator, appearing on the ID Channel’s Restless SoulsFox NewsABC NewsCoast to Coast, and more. Kristy Robinett is also the author of several books, including Tails from the Afterlife: Stories of Signs, Messages, and Inspiration from your Companion Animals (Llewellyn, March 2018); Messages From a Wonderful Afterlife: Signs Loved Ones Send from Beyond; It’s a Wonderful Afterlife: Inspiring True Stories from a Psychic Medium; Forevermore: Guided in Spirit by Edgar Allan Poe; Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic Medium; Higher Intuitions Oracle; Ghosts of Southeast Michigan; and Michigan’s Haunted Legends and Lore.

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