The Thrift Shoppe

The Thrift Shoppe March 7, 2021
It was years ago when I stood in the middle of the clearance section of a book store to find a woman crying.

“Are you okay?” I gently asked her.

She pointed to a pile of books and burst into tears again.

The front cover had a picture of a lady, dressed in a red suit, hair freshly curled, makeup done just so, and smiling bright. It took me a moment but then recognized the woman crying was the woman on the book smiling.

“Look at that! It’s you. Way to go,” I tried to sound motivational.

“They are in the clearance section, though. All my blood, sweat, and tears, and I’m gifted with the clearance section.”

Before I could say anything else, she stomped away.

Chuck walked up, confused.

“All I’ll say is I seriously hope I never find my books in the clearance section or a thrift shop.”

Now I look at that statement and I see ego and that ego was checked again a few months ago when I received the sweetest email from an elderly man.

His name was Frank and he explained he was in his mid-80’s and still figuring out email. “Geraldine did everything, Kristy. Paying bills, emailing, shopping…everything,” he said when we finally spoke on the phone.

Frank’s wife passed away after a long kidney cancer battle. They fought often who would get to heaven first, and Frank told me Geraldine always had to get her way.

“I live in Florida,” Frank told me. “and the shops have been open, so I wandered into one of Geraldine’s favorite thrift shops hoping to feel closer to her. The first thing my eyes saw was one of your books laying on a table. It was like Gerri was trying to help me heal. Your book helped me so much, Kristy. I honestly haven’t read a book in years and years, but your book…,” Frank’s voice softened. “Your book has helped. Thank you.”

Yes, I cried during that conversation. It was the only reason I wrote books, because the Stephen King’s and J.K. Rowling’s sort of millions of dollars are few and far between. I write for the heart space, not the pocket book. I’ve actually had people tell me I was stupid for writing and selling from the heart. But it is emails and conversations like those I’ve had with Frank and others that make all my blood, sweat, and tears worth it.

I wish I could go back and talk to the clearance section author, but we likely write from a different place so it probably wouldn’t do anything, however I take back the wish I never ended up in a thrift shop. If that were the case, I’d never met Frank and people like you.

Thank you for being part of my world.

I believe in you.


Every book I’ve written has a special place in my heart. “Tails from the Afterlife” was written specifically to help those who’ve lost a pet. I’ve received so many amazing letters from people all over the world thanking me for this book. Today I was given the news that the publisher, Llewellyn, is discontinuing the book next week. If you would like to read “Tails” or you know someone grieving for their pet, buy now. I won’t be keeping an inventory, unfortunately. Buy now – HERE

Another book that I wrote, “Journey to the Afterlife”, was an emotional one for me. Did you ever hear my story of giving a reading to a ghost…but had no idea? “Journey” shares the story and more. “Journey to the Afterlife” reveals the true nature of heaven, hell, and the in-between from spirits who are there. With soul-stirring messages this book answers the most persistent questions about the afterlife, showing what kinds of lessons are learned as spirits evolve and grow in light and peace. Have you ever wondered what heaven is like? Or how a child’s experience of the afterlife is different than an adult’s? Is there such a thing as hell or purgatory? Next week this book will forever be shelved, and I won’t have any inventory. Buy now – HERE

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