Gratitude Post

Gratitude Post October 19, 2013

Last night, when a friend and I were discussing blogging and the Pagan blogosphere, I mentioned that I was grateful that I was able to write at Patheos. And when I thought about it later that same night, I knew how really, honestly grateful I am to be here.

I’ve been able to reach a lot more people than I would have if I just kept puttering away over on my personal blog. And I’ve gotten exposure to a lot more variety of opinions and practices being here than if I were to just go off on my own.

Some people have commented or derided Patheos Pagan for accepting unknown names as bloggers, but – being one of those unknown names – I think that’s actually a strength. We get a lot more variety and new perspective that way. I’d rather hear from a large scope of people, not just the published authors or leaders of national groups.

I think Patheos Pagan is also really, really diverse, which is definitely a strength. I may not agree often with other bloggers here on the channel – I may not agree much at all, at times – but we have a lot of different people and practices represented here. Jason Mankey writes a lot of cool stuff, even though I don’t really have much in common religiously with him. Daughters of Eve always turns out amazing work. Agora has so many different, important voices. (Important not only for who they are, but for what they are saying. That’s what makes a voice important, in my opinion.)

Even though I’m often in my own corner, hammering away and muttering to myself and baring my teeth occasionally, I really enjoy having this wide variety of blogs to read, just here on Patheos. That’s not even factoring in the other blogs on various platforms!

We have so many people to learn from, so much to explore. And when I get sick of fighting, I remember that there are countless people doing good work. There’s so much to see, and the internet helps us see that.

I’m really grateful to have the resources we do for modern Pagandom and polytheism. I’m grateful for the hard work others have done, for the roads that have been paved. I’m grateful for the new roads that are being made. I’m really, really glad that, even when things get tough, so many people keep trying – to build community, to figure out their faith or practice, to write honestly.

I’m grateful for all the people who have spoken with me, helped me learn, helped influence my path. Which has been hundreds of people, some who I disagree with fervently now, others who I still aspire to.

I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to speak in this venue, that I have been allowed a voice.

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