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Notes & Links October 28, 2013

First off, I strongly encourage everyone to go read Aedicula Antinoi. There’s some excellent devotional poetry over there (as always), and each post is breathtaking. (So go read. Right now. Shoo.)

The world is getting lovely and cold here in Arizona. Well, slightly less warm is more accurate. That fall has finally settled in makes my heart sing. Summer is over, I’m back in the seasons that fit me best. And that are especially conducive to my religious work.

National Novel Writing Month is coming up in a few days, and any writers who haven’t checked it out so go meander over. November is always an exciting month.

Halloween creeps closer…as does my urge to go out and see every horror movie I possibly can. The scarier, the better. This holiday is all about scares and sweets for me, preferably both in large quantity. I have two posts in the works concerning Halloween – one on its role in the Otherfaith (minor, but included, since the Otherfaith is a modern American religion) and another mythos post (that is was a haunted house type of story seemed to go well with the season). Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, but it kicks of my favorite holiday season – the huge rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This post over on Felix Culpa is, as always, amazing. (Seriously, one of the best blogs I’ve ever followed.) And over on Valiel’s Notes in English, this post about Freyja also struck me. Amazing writings.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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