Update & Niches

Update & Niches November 4, 2013

I’m back in good health after dealing with a kidney infection, which unfortunately knocked me out during the week of Halloween.

Once I got back to feeling better, I wrote up a post that likely would have been over 1,000 words. I finished it, flipped back and forth through what I wrote, and frowned a lot. And then I decided to strip what I wrote down to a few sentences. Most of what I wanted to say has been said, and has been said better. I’ll just write what I feel the need to say and haven’t yet seen elsewhere.

We’re back to the food pictures.

Minority religions are not niche.

The fanfiction I write is niche. The coffee my mother buys is niche. Certain clothes are niche.

Minority religions are not irrelevant either.

In other news –

Happy NaNoWriMo to those participating, and good luck.

Thanksgiving is coming. Thanksgiving is a great holiday for getting together and remember the blood, death, and violence our country is founded upon, and I don’t mean the meat industry. I’ll probably be posting about this, quite a lot. Obnoxiously a lot.

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