About Reunion

About Reunion December 10, 2013

Reunion – the holy week of December 25th to January 1st

The holy days of Reunion are connected to the story of June & December, when the Dierne and Laetha are reunited after a trying period of separation. In the myth, Reunion is described as, “[not having] to choose between life and love anymore.”

But they are about more than just the Dierne and Laetha, our Boy-Gods of love. They are connected to our Kings of love, our gods who formed the West itself – the Clarene and Ophelia. And, as in the Boys’, there is sorrow and separation and eventual union.

Reunion occurs opposite of holy days such as the Apotheosis of the Dierne (July 31st) and the marriage of Othani (June 21st). Throughout many of the sacred stories of the Otherfaith, there are elements of change and transformation (conversion). Reunion carries these themes, but at Reunion we have been transformed and now move into our new life and living.

Reunion is about joy, and it is about love. It is about love that transforms the world. Love that is dark and rough, that bites or tears and stripes us bare. Love that is bright and shining and blinds us to all but itself.

It is about the love we have for our gods – and the love they have for us. Reunion is an affirmation of the love the gods pour out to us. The gods are especially close this month, especially likely to be near to us, to fill us with their presence.

Reunion is about peace. No fighting. No more war. The end of suffering. Reunion is the ideal, the pursuit, the hope that we hold within us always. Reunion is an affirmation that we have come so far and will go farther still. We have greatness and goodness within us.

We only need to bring it to light.

When the Laetha & Dierne meet, they light the world they are trapped in with starfire and molten flames. When the Ophelia & Clarene meet, they tumble together into the dark and soil. And in each story, they recognize each other for what they are and choose to stay beside each other, no matter what trauma tries to tear them apart.

Reunion is about staying together. That is what Reunion is.

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