Basics: the Clarene (Holy Days)

Basics: the Clarene (Holy Days) April 5, 2014

For the next few weeks, we’ll be delving into the 30 Days of Devotion, a devotional writing project that helps us explore the gods we worship. We will do each of these for each of the Four Gods. If you are an Other Person or exploring the Four Gods, feel free to add your own comments – or join in!

If you have another topic you would like to see written on, you can email me ( or message me on Facebook – but my writing will likely go to one of my other blogs, as we’re focusing on the Otherfaith at this blog for the time being.

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Sacred Days & Times

Moving right along with the 30 Days of Devotion, we come to the festivals, holidays, and sacred times of the Clarene.

We actually don’t know many of the Clarene’s holy days at this time, due to the new nature of the Otherfaith. We know more of the Laetha and Dierne’s holidays, and this year is being spent in contemplation of the Clarene and Ophelia’s days.

Days & Times

The first day of the week, Monday, is the Clarene’s day. This is when we make an offering to her to last the entire week, renewing it every week for the year. Sunday is also her day, shared partially with the Ophelia, during which we clean our shrines and re-establish them.

On Monday, apart from giving her offerings, we should contemplate how we want the rest of our week to go. What are our goals? What are our plans? Have we factored in down time, relaxation, along with work? the Clarene is about responsibility and leisure, handling both and deciding which she wants to indulge in. Monday also allows us to take in our work and figure out if we’re really ready for it, preparing ourselves for whatever is to come.

Sunday is all about reflection and cleansing. We wipe down our shrines and clean the dishes on them. This day usually doesn’t involve the standard offerings (water and incense) and instead is about cleaning and clearing away the mess from the week. We take our time to let the muck of the week wash away, and we let the Clarene build us up again.

The times belonging to her are midnight and dusk. Midnight is tied to her dark qualities – her dark skin and hair, which is also filled with stars and shimmering light. Dusk is tied, again, to her ‘dusky skin’ as well as her ties to twilight and ‘faery time’. Her otherworld, the West, is often cloaked in dusk and twilight light.

Holy Days

As I noted above, we don’t have many specific holy days for the Clarene yet.

She is present in each of the deifications of the other gods, however. Especially concerning the Dierne’s apotheosis on July 31st – she is the only one who can give him a crown and there is significant tension between the two.

Reunion, occurring from December 25th to January 1st, celebrates the love affairs of the Four Gods, specifically the Laetha with the Dierne and the Ophelia with the Clarene.

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