198: Why We Left Catholicism – and Why We Came Back (w/ The Catholic Brothers)

198: Why We Left Catholicism – and Why We Came Back (w/ The Catholic Brothers) March 29, 2023

In this episode of The Cordial Catholic, in one of the most enjoyable episodes to date, I’m joined by Daniel and Steven from The Catholic Brothers to talk about their journey out of and back into the Catholic faith.

Raised in a devout Catholic home, Daniel and Steven unpack exactly what drew them out of the Catholic faith and into Evangelical Christianity, then Anglicanism, and finally back into full communion with the Catholic Church.

It’s an amazing story that touches on some of the beautiful experiences of Evangelical Christianity, the need for an authority structure in Anglicanism, and, eventually, the authentic witness of the Early Church Fathers for the truth of Catholic Christianity.

This episode is just jam-packed and Daniel and Steven are fantastic storytellers with an excellent story to tell.

For more from The Catholic Brothers check out their podcast (available everywhere) and their YouTube channel. The work is top-notch.

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