204: The Great Big Protestant Problem with Scripture (w/ Casey Chalk)

204: The Great Big Protestant Problem with Scripture (w/ Casey Chalk) May 10, 2023

In this episode, I’m joined by Casey Chalk, a Catholic convert/revert and author of The Obscurity of Scripture, to talk about one of the great big problems with the bedrock of Protestantism and the interpretation of Scripture.

We’re talking about the Protestant doctrine of the clarity of Scripture – the perspicuity of Scripture – or the idea that the Bible is so clear that any Christian can understand it for themselves. This idea, which Chalk argues is foundational to Protestant Christianity, is faulty at its core.

This is a fun episode; about as edgy and controversial as we get on this show but digging deeply into something that both Chalk, as a convert, and myself ran into in our search for how to understand the Bible. Chalk presents some compelling evidence that, we hope, will help Protestant’s to evaluate their worldview, and take a second look at Catholicism.

For more from Chalk visit his website, and find his fantastic book The Obscurity of Scripture: Disputing Sola Scriptura and the Protestant Notion of Biblical Perspicuity from the St. Paul Center.

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