My 100th post!

My 100th post! February 22, 2012

This is my 100th post!  I started this project last July.  I published over 30 posts in August (I was a little manic that month) and between 2 and 4 a week since then.  This has been a great spiritual exercise.

I have never had difficulty writing (hence my 30+ posts in one month).  But I have always had difficulty writing journals.  For one thing, I am self-conscious about my mediocre handwriting and need to edit with a word processor.  The process of deleting and rewriting, cutting and pasting, is part of my thought process.  But just typing and saving my journal entries in an electronic file seemed too informal — not worth the effort.  There is something about having a physical piece of paper to memorialize the act of journaling which makes it feel more substantial, like I’m actually making something.  Printing them might have helped, but just never did that.  How to join the ease of keeping an electronic journal with the semi-permanency of handwriting one?  The answer: blogging!  Publishing my posts gives me the same sense of creation that simply saving my entries didn’t, but it also allows me the ease that comes with word-processing.

In addition, knowing that my blog is actually being followed by other people keeps me focused on my spiritual quest.  I know the frustration of coming across a blog I enjoy, only to have the author stop posting after only few posts.  So I am always aware of the time that has passed since my last post, and I try to not let a week go by without posting.

Anyway, I just wanted to memorialize this benchmark.  And to thank all of you who are following this blog, and especially those who have commented.


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