Who is Reading this Blog? (Survey)

Who is Reading this Blog? (Survey) July 7, 2014

Jason Mankey recently raised the question “Who are we writing for?”  This got me thinking.

In the interest of getting to know my readers better, please answer the short 10-question survey below …


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  • Fritz Muntean

    This is me, trying to answer. Never mind. I’m reading your blog. Not religiously, perhaps, but with great interest.
    IMO, and FWIW, you need a more complex first question. I ‘primarily identify’ as a Pagan/Neo-Pagan, Wiccan/Witch, Polytheist, Goddess Worshipper, Animist, Pantheist/Panentheist (and I do know the difference!), Jungian.

    • Agreed, that one would be better as a “check all that apply” question.

      • yewtree

        Same here! Polytheist Wiccan, me.

  • Muhammad Safeer

    Hi John Halstaed, Its me Safeer, I just read some where in ur blog about the collected work of C G Jung and to download it but unfortunately its not working properly. im have just started working on Jung thats why i need all his work if u can help me. And if u have found the Red Book please do send me that aswell.

    My Email Address is “msafeer@live.com”


    • Muhammad: I sent you a link to a Dropbox file with the Collected Works I have. I’m also sending you the Red Book in a separate email.

    • Actually, I have to put the Red Book in Dropbox too, because it’s too big.

  • I want to copy this for my own blog!

  • yewtree

    Are you going to publish the (anonymised) results of your survey, John? I think it would be really interesting.

    • Yep! I’m waiting to see when the responses start trickling off. Right now they’re still coming in at a steady pace.

  • James Bulls

    I didn’t think to add: on your question about how many blogs I follow, it’s tough to answer because I follow Patheos Pagan on Google+, and I also follow the Pagan community on Google+, so I usually just read what shows up in those streams as opposed to following blogs on RSS or going to said sites for updates.