Today I Insulted a Goddess: A Day in the Life of a Patheos Pagan Blogger

Today I Insulted a Goddess: A Day in the Life of a Patheos Pagan Blogger July 10, 2015

keep-calm-and-blog-onToday, I insulted a goddess … or at least that’s what some people thought.

Today, I was accused of trying to character assassinate someone who I admire, respect, and agree with on almost everything.

Today, I was attacked by a friend and condescended to by another.

Today, more than one friend resisted the temptation to knee jerk reactions and reached out to me with kindness.

Today, I asked some blasphemous questions.

Today, offered some answers … some of which were probably bullshit.

Today, some people understood me.

Today, some people misunderstood me.

Today, a lot of people casually “liked” what I wrote.

Today, some people complimented what I wrote.

Today, I was called an asshole — twice.

Today, I pushed a lot of people’s outrage buttons.

Today, some people read my post: a lot read some of it, and some read a lot of it.

Today, some people who didn’t read my post formed opinions about it anyway.

Today, I made some enemies.

Today, I may have alienated some friends.

Today, I met some new people who may become friends.

Today is not all that unusual.

Today, I decided to do it again tomorrow.

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