Global Eco-Paganism: Namibia

Global Eco-Paganism: Namibia July 14, 2015

This is the fourth in series spotlighting some of the signatories to A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment. Today, we are sharing an interview with Genna from Namibia. If you would like to be interviewed for the Global Eco-Paganism Series, contact me at allergicpagan [at] gmail [dot] com. And don’t forget to sign “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment” at

Meet Gemma from Namibia!

namibia-hunting-mapWhat do you call the religion you practice?

Paganism (baptised as a Catholic)

Where do you live in the world?

In Namibia, South West Africa

How long have you practiced your religion?

Since I was a child

What is it like practicing your religion in your part of the world? Are there many others like you?

There are a few alike. It is shunned upon, as our society is very Christian.

Do you interact with Pagans in religious community? What has been your experience in this regard?

I am a pagan in a religious community.

Do you interact with Pagans online? How?

No, not really.

What is your religion of origin? What religion were you raised with?

I was baptised Catholic and raised with Catholic principles as well as pagan knowledge.

What makes your religion a good fit for you?

I love nature and believe that there are energies that one can thread from around us. I had the sight when I was younger.

How do you practice your religion?

I practise it as needed. To help people. Also, most of the time when I am in my garden, I talk to the birds and listen to what the wind is saying.

How does your religion affect your daily life or your state of mind?

It comforts me in this troubled world.

Is your religious identity a secret? To what degree? Why?

Yes, to a degree. People do not take kindly to anything here that is not Christian. There is a lot of “witchcraft” in the rural areas, and the bad kind. So most do not understand my faith ,so I keep quiet. One can be prosecuted for witchcraft here. Only close friends and family know.

What is the thing you love the most about your religion?

What I love most is that I am in sync with mother earth. And she in turn keeps me aligned and synched with her.

Does earth, land, or place play a role in your religion?

Yes of course!!!! Mother earth is very important to me, without her we would be nothing.

Why did you choose to sign  “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment”?

I love the Pagan Statement.  Because I am a pagan and believe in what was said.

What part(s) did you find most compelling?

I liked the fact that it was explaining to people who we are and our vision.

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