New PODCAST Episode Featuring Mike Morrell

New PODCAST Episode Featuring Mike Morrell December 14, 2020

There is a new episode of Apostates Anonymous that y’all NEED to check out. In it, I sit down with best-selling author Mike Morrell to discuss the creative process and how his wildly popular book, The Divine Dance, coauthored with Fr. Richard Rohr, came to be.

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Also, if you want to check out Mike’s Speakeasy program, here’s a little word from him:

If you’re a blogger, podcaster, or even a frequent Amazon (or Goodreads) reviewer, and you enjoy reading books about theology, spirituality, contemplative practice, restorative justice, history, and culture—and you also enjoy getting books for free—joining the 1,000+ reviewers who are already part of Speakeasy just might be for you.

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If you’re approved, you’ll get Speakeasy emails when new books become available for review, giving you background info on the author and topic. If a book offering resonates with you, you can request a free copy. Review your book within 30 days and share the link(s) with Speakeasy, and you remain a member in good standing. You could be well on your way to building a robust new library!

(Speakeasy offers physical books to reviewers in the United States, and eBooks to reviewers world-wide.)

Sound good? Apply here!

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