June 10, 2016

There is no easy answer about abortion, but there is call to urgency as SCOTUS makes potentially life changing decisions for women. Now is the time to call upon the Goddess. Read more

May 28, 2016

There may be a potentially higher ground on the subject, but I can't light candles and lift up prayers for the fallen soldiers, whom never had to fall. Read more

May 20, 2016

Let Goddess be the generative breath, and feel our parts come into alignment in that god-shaped space. What if we choose to cherish that space as holy emptiness? With attention and devotion, with spaciousness, and possibility to create new? Breathe into Holy Emptiness? Read more

February 11, 2016

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about my past relationships. For a long time, I was attracted to relationships that never progress into places that were ever truly safe, secure, and supported. I found myself captive in this pattern. This karmic love pattern so to speak. I define karmic love patterns as the cycles that can seem to hold us tightly to a story we tell ourself about what we are good enough for.... Read more

January 25, 2016

Ivo has done the extraordinary, in that he has literally taken the cosmic universe in all its splendor, and turned it into something we can hold in our hands (both literally and figuratively.) Read more

November 20, 2015

When the moon is Waxing from New to Gibbous the opportunity to stand in your power with ritual and plants the seeds of desires with sincere intent, ceremony, and symbolism is most aligned, as the energetic vibrations are most receptive to growth. Gestation happens in the dark, nurtured by intention, trust, and faith. Intentions develop roots and new growth emerges, reaching for the light. This is the light we see at the Full Moon. Read more

November 17, 2015

In writing what I offered on Friday, I choose to stand on the side of compassion. People have asked me where is my compassion for the transcommunity? People have asked me where is my compassion for the activists who are also being called out for naming what they have wittnessed as egregious? Perhaps I should have limited my writing to Macha Nightmare, whom I know best? However I decided to step into the fire and write about three situations that had inpacted the Pagan community. I was unaware at the time I wrote my article there were wider allegations than the ones expressed, and the previous statements held a history of promoting transgender exclusivity, specifically that transgender women are violent preditors and offedners. Things are very polarized for me, and in these situations where my internal compass is torn, I lean even more so into compassion. Read more

October 13, 2015

The nine nights of Navratri celebrate and honor the nine different aspects of Mother Divine, Durga in nine manifestations of Shakti. This is the time of deep reflection, of turning inward to restore and renew the body, the heart and breath as the night renews the subtle body. Inviting this withdrawal from sensory activities such as talking and touching, seeing and smelling, and welcoming rest within in yourself takes you deeper within, which is the potent source of bliss, or sattva, that dwells in the home of our hearts. Read more

October 7, 2015

Tom Swiss and I do not share the same ideologies, for this much we agree. Tom considers this a "blog fight" I however do not. I consider this looking to resolution to the needs of the marginalized voice in popular pagan writing. At this point the issue is mute, because we are no longer talking about the marginalized voice, we are talking about whose opinion is more valid. His or mine. Tom defended his thesis with a self defined 10,00 words. Read more

September 28, 2015

This past weekend, Pope Francis made his highly anticipated and historic visit to the city of Philadelphia. The place where for now, I hang my hat and call home. What can I say, that hasn't been said by many? He's charming. He stops moving vehicles, jumps out and bestows blessings to the children. He's the new voice for a seemingly new church, bringing the hope for the many devout Catholics seeking 'the way, the truth, and the light" towards a path of forgiveness. Read more

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