The Ramadan Blessings of the Number Thirty-Three

The Ramadan Blessings of the Number Thirty-Three June 1, 2017
Image source: Pixabay
Image source: Pixabay

This is Day Six of the 2017 #30Days30Writers Ramadan series – June 1, 2017

By Bashirah Mack

Today I was reminded that there are 33 vertebrae in the human spine.


The sum of which provide necessary support to our entire being allowing us to stand, bend, and prostrate before Our Lord.


The number of rotations I have made around the Sun. The number of years I have walked Allah’s generous Earth navigating His seasons. Seasons marked by joy and pain; life and death; birth and renewal. I approach each season emboldened by the intersecting identities of #BeingBlackAndMuslim as bestowed upon me by Al-Wahhab, The Bestower.

Photo courtesy of Bashirah mack
Photo courtesy of Bashirah mack


The number of years it takes our beloved Ramadan to complete a seasonal cycle. A cycle fashioned by Al-Musawwir, The Fashioner. A cycle that allows us to experience the blessings of Ramadan during the death of winter. A cycle that allows us to bear witness to Allah’s mercy during the renewal of spring. A cycle that allows us to greet the Month of the Qur’an in the heat of summer. A most beautiful cycle that allows us to know the Holy Month through the transitions of fall.


The number of beads on my tasbih. That of which remind me to stay in remembrance of As-Samad, The Eternal.

All praise be for Ramadan reflections at 33.

Bashirah Mack is the social media coordinator for Sapelo Square: An Online Resource on Black Muslims in the United States. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @SapeloSquare.

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