4 Ways to Worship Smarter in a Busy Ramadan

4 Ways to Worship Smarter in a Busy Ramadan May 31, 2017
Photo from pixabay.com, public domain
Photo from pixabay.com, public domain

This is Day Five of the 2017 #30Days30Writers Ramadan series – May 31, 2017

By Asmaa Ali-Hussein

Business people often say: “work smart, not hard.” In other words, instead of spending every waking moment working on something, make strategic moves that will cut your workload without decreasing your success.

In Ramadan we are inundated with reminders on how often we should recite the Quran and how many hours we should stand in tarweeh. But those of us who are parents understand that sometimes dedicating all those hours to worship and reflection is just not possible. Instead of feeling inadequate because we aren’t able to be at the mosque every night, or our children don’t allow us the time to recite the Quran for long periods of time, we can worship smart.

Here’s what I mean:

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