Busy, Travels, School, and more

Busy, Travels, School, and more January 9, 2009

(written as a stream of thought to reassure myself that temporary insanity – in times of insanity – is perfectly sane… or an itinerary for busy times…)

  • Tonight – cards and games at Jen’s, with Julie (and hopefully Patia too) and others. Last time we played I came away $25 richer. I’m hoping for a repeat.
  • N.B. Kant apparently supplemented his meagre Privatdozent income with cards and billiards bets. If it’s good enough for Kant, it’s good enough for me.
  • N.B. The Buddha forbade his monks and nuns from gambling and called it one of the “six channels for dissipating wealth” for laypeople.
  • N.B. I think I see a future seminar paper coming from this “To Gamble or Not? A Buddhist-Kantian Dilemma.” Tonight: I gamble.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday) – Meet with Matt, a co-student of Pali to dive into serious Pali-study. Meet with Ali T., a dear old philosophy friend and coursemate. He lives just a mile or so away but I’ve only seen him about three times this year (busy, busy).
  • More writing.
  • Sunday – write.
  • Monday – work (Center for Ethics), drive to Helena for brother’s Birthday dinner.
  • Tuesday – fly (read/write)! (plus 5 hours in the Minneapolis Airport which I’m told is fantastic)
  • Wednesday – land! (London, 7:30am), head to Devika’s.
  • Friday (1/16) – meet with advisor, present ph.d. dossier and/or story about how my dog ate my thesis (again).
  • Tuesday (1/20) – bus to Cheltenham for Obama Inauguration Party (thanks be to Dave)
  • Wednesday (1/21) – Give a talk: “Are Buddhist Ethics Kantian” for the start of a series of research seminars in Religion, Philosophy & Ethics at the University of Gloucestershire.
  • Friday (1/23) – off to Bristol to hang out with SJ, see other old Bristol friends/housemates/coursemates/teachers…
  • Sunday (1/25) – back to London to Sjors‘ place.
  • Tuesday (1/27) – back on plane for the USA.

And, while I’m usually terrible at planning anything of any sort, I think I’m in pretty good shape on this one. (now I just need to create that talk – and something for my advisor). And apologies in advance to those around the UK if I don’t get in touch – I’ll try! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Ok, back to work (work-work).

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