The Onion takes on popular Buddhist “meditation apps”

The Onion takes on popular Buddhist “meditation apps” February 19, 2016

Onion article on meditation app

In their latest jab at the growing popularity of Buddhism in the West and one of its most common delivery systems: meditation via a 5-inch screen, The Onion offers us 31-year old Eric Reeves, a Seattle man whose new meditation app promises to lead him to a “Lotus Plane of Eternal Serenity.” Noting that he was “just moments from being carried like a cherry blossom on a soft breeze into a placid realm of unending tranquility,” The Onion reports that:

Having readied himself to expand his awareness to the bounds of infinity, Reeves is said to have then tapped the app’s icon, located between his apps for Lyft and the game Gummy Drop!, propelling his inner being into an enlightened, all-knowing state of profound oneness with all things. 

The article all too briefly lets us know that Eric, now a “veritable Bodhisattva” has “ascended to the highest rungs of bliss unencumbered by human cares or wants” and was interrupted by “push notifications.” Read more here.


Any real-life meditation app users out there? Experiences (good/bad)? Too enlightened to comment? Busy trying to become a level five laser lotus?

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