The Onion sends NBC’s Brian Williams to Tibet

The Onion sends NBC’s Brian Williams to Tibet February 13, 2015

Brian Williams in Tibet via the onion

Wearing what appears to be a Japanese Zen robe and a shaggy beard with his hands in good meditation position, complete with wooden mala, Brian Williams, according to The Onion, has absconded to the remote mountains of Tibet (never mind that the picture looks like it was taken in the summer). Williams is quoted by the paper as saying:

“Truth itself is in many ways the one universal constant—that which indisputably conforms to reality. But the question remains: Can we as humans understand this concept, or are we forever thwarted by our own individual understanding of the world?”  

He continued:

“Is truth absolute? Is reality absolute? Or are these concepts majestic castles we construct for ourselves and in which we alone may reside? Perhaps the only truth is that we do not know what is illusion and what is not.”

Sartorial/geographical mismatch and the likelihood of freezing to death on mountain tops that would be covered in snow this time of year aside, it sounds like he’s on the right path!

And this isn’t the first time a troubled celebrity has turned to Buddhism/Buddhists for help in hard times. After losing the 2012 Presidential election to Obama, Mitt Romney was featured in The Onion at a strategy meeting which included several Buddhist monks.

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