It’s Images like this that give Sanders supporters hope

It’s Images like this that give Sanders supporters hope March 1, 2016

oklahoma clinton sanders

This is from FiveThirtyEight‘s coverage of today’s voting.

Besides showing Sanders on his way to a very likely victory in Oklahoma, it gives his supporters two other crucial pieces of information. For one, it’s a state which, according to this, was polling favorably for Clinton consistently leading into tonight’s voting. Second, it shows Sanders winning despite Clinton taking in not twice as much money, not three or four times, but over SIX TIMES as much money.

It shows that Sanders can close a massive gap (Clinton was up by as much as 35 points last November and 16 in early February) at the last minute.

Not only did Sanders close the gap, he created a yuge one of his own, WINNING Oklahoma by 10.4% according to the New York Times with 100% reporting.

Mind you, he got trounced in the southern states, but there’s still a lot of voting to take place.

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