Calling Out Worship Music Snobbery…

Calling Out Worship Music Snobbery… January 3, 2018

Hillsong Oceans Andy Gill Patheos

Honestly, I’m not sure where this uniquely ironic form of snobbery stemmed from but, I’ve seen it go viral here, here, and here….

(The last one is my favorite)

It’s a sentiment seemingly shared by many…

“There’s no depth!”

“The compositional intelligence is low!”

“Emotionalism isn’t worshiping!”

As someone whose musical intelligence would be considered low to those who tend to tout these sentiments, all I hear is how I’m not at their level in regard to connecting with God; while, all I feel is an overwhelming amount of shame for liking this music.

And, listen: I’d get it if these were critiques put out against our over-celebrititized version of our worship music industry… an industry that has wrongfully capitalized on the manipulation of others emotions for the sole purpose of increasing their quarterly financials.

These arguments… they’re valid; as I do think and believe that this capitalistic form of worship music forces many artists to produce and churn out songs and albums at ungodly rates; therefore making a product as opposed to music, art, essentially, worship.

Churches, adapting to a consumeristic model have many times perpetuated this “superficial, shallow, individualistic” form of worship. Churches main focus is merely to generate emotion; they’ve no intention of liberating the oppressed person. Congregants become numbers; pastors become CEO’s; all the while, the Church becomes lowercased and is nothing but a shell of what she was formerly intended to be…

Which, some bloggers do go here; for instance, JONATHAN AIGNER says “we should boycott the worship music industry because… The sole purpose of commercial music is to hook us in, to make us feel something, to make us crave their product on a base sensory level.”

But here’s the thing (‘bout to go in)…

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