My Interview with Donald Miller

My Interview with Donald Miller March 2, 2015

Donald Miller Scary Close SeeMorris podcast

[Photo via Caleb Morris]

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Episode 001 | I sat down with Donald Miller the other day and we chatted about relationships, fame, starting over, and of course his new book “Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy”

Okay, here it is. The podcast. I said originally that it’d be out mid-November, and then I changed it to mid-January, and it’s now mid-February…

Better late than never though, right? ha.

But I will say that this podcast has been so crazy fun doing [the interviewing part, not the editing part]. The things in which I’ve learned have been priceless. It’s literally been life-changing in the sense that I’ve been able to sit down with guys and gals in which I would have never thought I would have had the opportunity to sit down with.

Oddly, the biggest part in which I’ve learned by sitting down with these guys is that there is no divide between “us and them.” These well-known, celebritized, Christian’s, they’re people just like you and I. It’s refreshing to know that they have the same exact problems and struggles as we do. I know this is obvious and we have the “head knowledge” of this, but [for me at least] I didn’t realize the actuality of this until about four podcasts in that my, for lack of better words, “nervousness” is unnecessary.

Which is partially why I took so long to post these because the first few of them were just outright awful. I was such a nervous wreck, for instance sitting down with Tony Campolo a dude who was the most down to earth person but yet I felt so unnecessarily nervous talking with.

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  • Adam

    Where is the full interview? I’m only seeing 1:04 of the interview on soundcloud. I did subscribe an it takes me to the soundcloud page.

  • Adam, my apologies for the very late reply, nonetheless, better late then never, I guess. But usually when this has happened in the past your email has redirected it to your junk box, try checking there, also – I am uploading my podcasts to itunes soon-ish, so “unjunk” my emails [if that was the problem] and I’ll be letting everyone on the list know when they’re on iTunes. If it’s not being sent to your junk mail – email me please at, which is my personal email, and I’ll just shoot the raw file over to you asap.