Lyndon Baines Johnson Recordings on Selma

Lyndon Baines Johnson Recordings on Selma March 9, 2015

Lyndon Baines Johnson Recordings on Selma: This film collects archival material from the LBJ Library, the Miller Center, the Tennessee State Archives, the Internet Archive, and the Library of Congress. [via Chris Heller who is a senior associate editor at The Atlantic.]

 “It’s outrageous what’s on TV. It looks like that man is in charge of the country.”

via The Atlantic

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  • Lyndon Johnson is somewhat of a complicated man. He did things that caused great damage to people in his way. It’s fairly well documented that he stole his 1948 election to be Texas’ Senator. He ruined some men for sport, to show what he could do for others.

    And yet he moved the Senate in the 1950s and 1960s more than it had been moved for a century, especially when civil rights came up.

    But while Johnson moved the Senate, King moved the country. A man in the company of other men like him made simple acts and declarations that destroyed centuries of oppression and arguments. Men and women walking on a street to protest their lack of access to their civil rights, attacked by police dogs and fire hoses and billy clubs and tear gas — the nation moved, and Johnson moved.

    Johnson was necessary. King was unique.

    Yes, Martin Luther King, Jr., a preacher, moved a nation of people usually indifferent to injustice.