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If you have any interest in guest posting feel free to shoot over a proposal or draft.

First, go over and check out my about me section, or read a couple of the popular posts to make sure you might be a good fit (you can find the popular posts on the side bar to your right).

What I’m Looking for: 

#StoriesFromTheDechurched is a series with no end date in mind collecting stories from those who have left the church, are considering leaving the church, or are staying in the church but have deep frustrations with their church.

[If you or anyone else has a story or experience you’d like to share feel free to email it over to me at]

But I don’t just look for stories or personal narratives. If you would like to submit an article with a journalistic slant, or a post that is opposite, or opposing, to something you’ve come across here [op-ed] feel free to send it on over.

Side note: Watch out for too much “Christianese” things like: “I was lead in my heart to…” or I heard from the Spirit…” I’m not against Christianese at all, haha, I just know that wide variety of folks read this site, so want to make it as accessible to all, Christianese speaking or not! Keep in mind though, most of my posts are 500-1000 words, so maximum length would be a 1,250 word post. Here are some examples of past guest posts:

  1. Hannah Gordon“On God and Sex”
  2. Laura Livingood – “Just Friends
  3. Nate Smith – “Moving Past Sexual Orientation
  4. Tylor Standley “6 Heretics Who Should Be Banned From Evangelicalism [Or, a Lesson in Consistency]
  5. Laura Lawson – “Perfectly Imperfect: After the Honeymoon Ends

Posts I’d love for you to write: 

  1. “I Had an affair with my pastor”
  2. “Why I’m No Longer Christian”
  3. “I Smoke Marijuana, and I Think Jesus is Cool with It”
  4. “Feminism” – [anything on this]
  5. “The Bible is Credible, Here’s why”
  6. “I Used to be a Pastor”

Logistics: – Make sure your email is attached to this, with a photo/headshot.

Bio – Include a short bio of yourself.

Document – “Pages” or “Word”, 12 point font, Times New Roman, in between 500-1,000 words.

Social Media – Provide me with any links to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. that you’d like me to share with the readers! Email your submissions to – Looking forward to reading your stories!

[Also give me a couple of weeks to respond, I’ll read every post possible – if you don’t hear back from me, assume that I wasn’t able to publish your submission, but don’t be discouraged and submit something again later on, just not the same exact article]

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