Gun Control and the Power of Disinformation

Gun Control and the Power of Disinformation March 1, 2018

Weapon of Mass Distraction: The Power of Disinformation on Gun Control…


It’s unfortunately incontrovertible in that our “collective conscience” is primarily controlled by the disinformation put out by the mainstream media.

“Look here while we’re doing this over there…”

Sometimes we get so caught up on the “what” that we lose sight of our “why.” I say that because it seems as if we become so viscerally reactive in regard to the topic of gun-control that we’ve lost our proficiency to pause and reconsider the facts, questioning the ethics of our own tactics.

We don’t consider the fact that only a small fraction of gun violence involves mass shootings. We don’t take into account how any of this will impact POC and/or oppressed persons (see below: “war on drugs” reference). We become unaware of the fact that the young folk we’re televising are minors who now suffer from irreparable trauma.

Ya know? Maybe putting them on nationally syndicated television isn’t the best thing for this moment in time.

Never underestimate the power of disinformation and/or he manipulative power behind misdirection.

For instance… 

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