Hypothetically Speaking: If Jesus Was a Republican…

Hypothetically Speaking: If Jesus Was a Republican… November 5, 2018

If Jesus Was a Republican…

“It’s a story, a great story, really tremendous. Maybe the greatest story ever told, if you think about it. Bigly story, believe me.”

– Jesus, probably [1]

In my last post, I briefly posed the question, “Why is helping the poor considered ‘liberal’?”

The question was rhetorical but, this video hilariously gives us an answer to it…

“GOP Jesus”

It’s one of those videos that’s hard for us to not passive-aggressively share with our GOP Christian family members.

And, I honestly would love to see the GOP Jesus supporters make a rebuttal video (but, only if it’s also funny). Because, Thanksgiving is coming up and, maybe it’d be best for all if the playing field is even…

It’s bizarre in that these “Christians” actually exist… while, at the same time, it’s true in that a vast majority of Trumps supporters were in the upper class; it’s even more mind-boggling to hear that a large portion (about a third) of Trump’s supporters were “working class” [2]

More curiously, what is the psychology behind this? That is, behind supporting a GOP version of Jesus?

There’s no sensible way of asking this question but, are a vast majority of these GOP Christians sociopaths or undiagnosed psychopaths? Do they truly believe that it’s “laziness” or “indolence” that’s making people poor, hungry, homeless, or weak?

Was it “enabling” the poor when Jesus fed 5,000?

Do not all human beings deserve a quality level of life?

Truly, is it possible for someone to be born into so much privilege that they’re completely ignorant of systemic forms of oppression? And, I’m asking this as a person who’s grown up surrounded by some of the most “powerful” within white-evangelicalism – again, if one has seen behind the curtain then, they’re better able to differentiate “powerful” from “famous.”

This just got too real.

But, would love to hear your thoughts – why do you or, people you know, consider Jesus to be synonymous to a member of the GOP?

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[1] Facetious Quote From Producers of This Video – Used in their Facebook posting of it (GOP Jesus)

[2] It’s time to bust the myth: Most Trump voters were not working class

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