Imposing Order Into An Otherwise Chaotic World

Imposing Order Into An Otherwise Chaotic World October 10, 2017


Imposing Order Into Chaos

Things aren’t good. Well, if you’ve turned on the TV recently (does anyone watch TV anymore?), you’ve probably seen one thing after another being set on fire (figuratively, mostly).


Puerto Rico.

Las Vegas.


Trump’s Twitter feed.

In a world filled with tragedy, one has to proactively impose order into all of this chaos.

What you’re looking for, you’ll inevitably find.

One of the best things I’ve done as of recently has been controlling the media I consume, people I’m around, voices I hear, and content I read.

It’s weird to think, that before all of this began, I’d never intentionally thought about, epistemologically speaking, what the why behind my reason is… or, what’s the driving force behind my thought, feelings, and, really, all that I seemingly choose to do is…

It’s no secret in that the mainstream media plays a role in our collective type of “consciousness.”

Because, if you didn’t turn on the television would you even know about the things happening around our world? And, if you didn’t know these things were happening would this change how you felt, thought, or acted? Would you have ever purchased makeup or the clothes you’re wearing? That is if the media never informed you on how you’re supposed to define beauty…?

What Happens When Technology Becomes A Detriment as Opposed to a Tool

I think the platitude is that technology is a tool that is to be mastered; it was never meant to be the master that does the controlling.

And, if we’re not thoroughly and intentionally thinking are we just lost sheep following a shepherd whos agenda isn’t necessarily in our best interest?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in the last few years is simply this: What you look for, inevitably, you’ll find.

If you want a reason to break up with that person, you can find one; if you want evidence God does or, for this matter, does not exist, it’s there; if you want proof showing our world hates people that look like you, there’s a library filled with books on just that; whatever it is, and you search long enough, you’ll find it.

Some might call this confirmation bias.

Fortunately, within our information age, you don’t have to search too far for whatever it is you’re looking for. Unfortunately, if what you’re looking for is unhealthy, then overdosing on this type of toxicity becomes likely.

This comes back to an epistemological type of thought…

Generally speaking, most of us want happiness; also, generally speaking, a vast majority of us are not happy. We’re seemingly more tired, exhausted, and busier than ever before…

This is supposed to be the best time to be alive. The opportunity in which technology has provided us was unfathomable less than a century ago.

Think about it:

Remember when we had to actually go to the bank in order to deposit our checks? Now, we can hail a cab without leaving our homes; order groceries without stepping foot in the market; deposit checks without waiting in lines…

Now, Answer this:

What happened to that extra four hours all of these things (and more) technology is supposed to have saved us (read: bought us)?

Because, we’re spending hundreds of our hard-earned dollars (on cable, Internet access, iPhones, etc.) and seemingly getting a lesser quality of life in return.

Please know this: I’m by no means saying to give up your television, internet, or iPhone. I’m just saying to take on a sense of discipline. Cake, it’s good but, too much of it becomes a detriment.

Personally, if something isn’t bringing me up, giving me energy or somehow making me into a better/healthier version of myself… then, 99% of the time, it’s either got to go or I have to figure out how to better use it to benefit myself and others.

“A being is free only when it can determine and limit its activity.”

– Karl Barth

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