Are God’s Race, Gender, and Nationality Contextual…?

Are God’s Race, Gender, and Nationality Contextual…? September 9, 2018

From a Biblical Perspective…


A while ago, I was having beers with a bunch of college students, they were curious about religion and read an older post of mine regarding the overwhelming amount of discrepancies I’d said there were in the bible. They weren’t just baffled by this tidbit but, they were confused as to why it mattered.

And, well, the best example I could come up with in the moment was regarding gender…

A single letter at the end of a word dictates the gender of God… if you were to remove one of these letters, over the course of history, we’ve seen this play into what we see when we close our eye and we think about God.

What we think about God matters, as I quoted in a prior post of mine: “But theologians have always had the ability to lend symbolic capital to ideas. These ideas can create conditions [that]have real-life effects.”

Many of us were taught from birth that our very meaning, in existing, is grounded upon the divine. With this being said, it’s understandable how and why this highly impacts our policies and the very infrastructure in which is built upon the foundation of who we think God to be.

While it’s true that in all of the major English translations of the Bible there is the masculine pronoun being used in reference to the Holy Spirit; while, in the Hebrew language, in Rabbinic literature, the divine presence of God, the Holy Spirit, the Shekhinah is feminine. 

“Although it has been noted that in the original Greek, in some parts of John’s Gospel, the neuter Greek word for “it” is also used for the Spirit.[citation needed][1]”

God came in the flesh and was a man.

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