Orange County

Orange County August 19, 2011

I was interviewing at a church, and speaking my heart and passion to one of the elders… and he stopped me in the middle of whatever I was saying, and he said, “Son it sounds like you’re a missionary, not a pastor…” 

He was right to a large extent. I am a missionary. I am a missionary called to minister, lead, and PASTOR students within Orange County. I came across a video that spoke exactly how I feel in regards to my mission here… though i’m not from here this is along the same lines to why I came here

In my short stint as a youth pastor, I don’t know if i’ll ever enter into a more spiritually distraught area… a county inundated by consumerism, materials, and shallow fleeting fulfillment, seeking and searching for acceptance, hope, and love in everything BUT Christ… being blinded by the things of this world, and the allure of fame, money, and popularity… The amount of spiritual warfare is overwhelming.

Southern California ironically consists of thousands of churches and millions of people calling themselves Christians, yet many of these people have never have encountered Jesus and the love and fulfillment we can find in him… that will cause the scales to fall from our eyes, and take us from being blinded and inundated by the things of this world, to consumed and overwhelmed by the love and relationship we gain through Christ… 

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